ILI9341 Datasheet PDF – TFT LCD Single Chip Driver

Part Number : ILI9341

Function : a-Si TFT LCD Single Chip Driver

Manufactures : ILITEK

Image :

ILI9341 datasheet pdf

Description :

ILI9341 can operate with 1.65V ~ 3.3V I/O interface voltage and an incorporated voltage follower circuit to generate voltage levels for driving an LCD. The device supports full color, 8-color display mode and sleep mode for precise power control by software and these features make the ILI9341 an ideal LCD driver for medium or small size portable products such as digital cellular phones, smart phone, MP3 and PMP where long battery life is a major concern. […]

Features :

1. Display resolution: [240xRGB](H) x 320(V)

2. Output:
(1) 720 source outputs
(2) 320 gate outputs
(3) Common electrode output (VCOM)

3. a-TFT LCD driver with on-chip full display RAM: 172,800 bytes

Reference Site :

ILI9341 Datasheet

TSUMV26KU PDF – TSUMV26 – LCD Driver Chip – QFP 128

Part Number : TSUMV26KU, TSUMV26

Function : LCD Driver Chip

Package : QFP 128 Pin Type

Manufactures : ETC

Images :

TSUMV26KU datasheet

1 page
TSUMV26KU image

Description :

5 4 3 2 1 J1 12pin/2.0MM 5V 5V 5V GND GND GND BL_ON/OFF BL_PWM 12V 12V AUDIO_GND AUDIO_GND 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 5Vstb +5V_2 C1 CA2 0.1uF 470uF C12 0.1uF +3.3V_2 R1 10K +5V_2 U2 3 C24 R2 220R R224 BL_ON/OFF 3 BL_BRI +12V C3 2.2uF CA3 100uF C13 0.1uF R296 NC/0R R297 10K R219 1K R3 R4 NC/2K 1K +5V_2 U4 1R5 MMBT3904 R232 +5V_2 C42 +3.3V_2 NC 4.7uF 0.1uF C43 2 10K ADJ_PWM PWM0 3 62 pin VIN VOUT GND TAB 1 LM1117-3.3 4.7uF C25 0.1uF VIN LM1117-3.3 2 4 CA4 100uF +3.3V_2 350mA AVDD_AU 14mA L4 AVDD_VIF 142mA 5Vstb U1 3 VIN LM1117-3.3 VOUT GND TAB 1 CA1 2 4 100uF +3.3_STB 8mA VDDP_PM L1 FB 1.4mA V D D P _PM & AVDD_MPLL must be alive AVDD_MPLL 6.8mA +3.3_STB 5Vstb 5Vstb R7 100K C31 0.1uF R8 10K WAKEUP R9 3 10k L7 WAKEUP 1 4K7 2 4.7K R300 3 12VA R13 4K7 WAKEUP 1 2 Q7 MMBT3904 10K Q4 MMBT3904 +12V R11 NC/FB 12VA Q6 AO3409 AO3401 Q3 L3 NC/FB +5V_2 +5V_2 VOUT GND TAB 1 C26 0.1uF FB 0603 BEAD CA5 C27 0.1uF 10uF C28 C29 100pF 0.1uF C30 0.1uF C5 4.7uF C6 0.1uF C7 0.1uF C2 0.1uF C9 2.2uF R222 C10 0.1uF C11 100pF Q1 +3.3V for panel 15″ 3.3v 2 4 CA6 100uF C44 0.1uF +3.3V_2 L2 FB 0603 BEAD AVDDA 295mA VDDP 78mA +5V_2 L5 FB 0805 BEAD NC/CM7805 TO-263 1 C120 R176 NC/15R/2W CA11 5V-IF C4 0.1uF C23 2.2uF C14 0.1uF C15 0.1uF C16 0.1uF C17 0.1uF C18 0.1uF C19 0.1uF C20 0.1uF C21 0.1uF C22 0.1uF 5V-IF 3 U14 POWER D C121 1 R298 MMBT3904 4K7 3 10K 1 R6 Q2 MMBT3904 2 4.7K ON_PBACK R234 0R ON-PBACK WRZ 67 pin 5Vstb R209 3.0R/2W L22 +5V_2 U5 3.0R/2W R206 NC CA19 + C47 100uF/16V 0.1uF CA13 100K R179 C126 2.2uF 4.7K 1 AVD D _MPLL MMBT3906 3 SYS_RST R181 C122 R184 22K R68 R67 10R 10R SCL_HD SDA_HD C123 HDMI3/5V 25 24 27pF 14.318MHZ 27pF X1 R178 1M CL=20pf of XTAL R180 200R H W R ESET 1nF 100R C127 VD D P_PM 1 2 Q16 10uF 0R 3 VIN AMS1117-ADJ VOUT GND TAB 1 R19 2 4 CA7 R20 NC 100uF C45 0.1uF C32 1uF C33 0.1uF C34 0.1uF C35 0.1uF C36 0.1uF VOUT VIN GND 2 3 C8 0.1uF Q26 2 1.25V VCC1.26V VDDC 380mA NC/0.1uF NC/0.1uF NC/100uF WAKEUP P M ==> Power down(PM Mode)=0 Power on =1 D VPANEL_IN +12V L12 0805 BEAD +5V_2 L13 0805 BEAD +3.3V +3.3V_2 AVD D _VIF AVD D _AU R216 R292 4.7K RDZ ON-PANEL R229 66pin R293 0R ON_PANEL R291 4.7K 1 38 36 28 27 C128 0.1uF 2 3 NC R187 4.7K 1 Q18 MMBT3904 Q25 MMBT3904 2 3 10K L14 0805 BEAD +5V_2 CA14 100uF C125 0.1uF R183 10K R185 100K 2 C124 10nF U15 AO3401 3 VCC-Panel 22 23 20 21 CON2 113 110 123 15 7 118 78 54 VD D P_2 AVD D _M PLL AVD D _D VI AVD D _AD C AVD D _AD C H W R ESET VD D P VD D P VD D P VD D P VD D P VD D P XOU T SDA SCL WP VCC GND A2 A1 A0 R79 3 2 1 3 10K 1 R82 4.7K HPLUG SCL_HD SDA_HD TXCLKTXCLK+ B_TX0B_TX0+ G_TX1G_TX1+ HPLUG R_TX2R_TX2+ 111 112 119 120 121 122 124 125 126 127 128 DDCDB_CK DDCDB_DA RXACKN RXACKP RXA0N RXA0P RXA1N RXA1P HPLUGA RXA2N RXA2P Q10 MMBT3904 2 1 3.6K DD24 NC/ESD CON3 AV1+Y Pb Pr Y Pb Pr Y Pb Pr_L Y Pb Pr_R 2 5 8 11 10 HD1_Y HD1_Pb HD1_Pr HD1-L HD1-R +5V_2 DD21 BAT54C 2 10K 3 10K NC/ESD NC/ESD C46 0.1u 6 7 8 AVD D _VIF AVD D _VIF AVD D _VIF XIN […]


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