74LS175 Datasheet – Fairchild – DM74LS175

Part Number : 74LS175, DM74LS175

Function : Hex/Quad D-Type Flip-Flops with Clear

Manufactures : Fairchild Semiconductor


74LS175 Pinout


These positive-edge-triggered flip-flops utilize TTL circuitry to implement D-type flip-flop logic. All have a direct clear input, and the quad (175) versions feature complementary outputs from each flip-flop.
Information at the D inputs meeting the setup time require ments is transferred to the Q outputs on the positive-going edge of the clock pulse. Clock triggering occurs at a particular voltage level and is not directly related to the transition time of the positive-going pulse. When the clock input is at either the HIGH or LOW level, the D input signal has no effect at the output.

Logic Diagrams

74LS175 Datasheet

74LS175 Datasheet

Download Datasheet : [ 74LS174.PDF ]


822-0299-001 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : 822-0299-001

Function : ADF-900 Automatic Direction Finder

Manufacturers : Rockwell Collins

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822-0299-001 datasheet


Description :

Experience the digital advantages of the Automatic Direction Finder (ADF-900) – part of the latest generation of highly successful ADF sensors from Rockwell Collins. The digital technology of the ADF-900 increases your reliability, enhances your performance and simplifies your maintenance, since all mechanical adjustments are eliminated. And you’ll benefit from functions such as signal baseband processing, audio filtering and enhanced Built-In-Test Equipment (BITE). In fact, digital filters also eliminate temperature and age-induced drift.

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822-0299-001 pdf