DG302 Datasheet – TTL Compatible CMOS Analog Switch

This post explains for the semiconductor DG302.

The Part Number is DG302.

The function of this semiconductor is TTL Compatible CMOS Analog Switch.

Manufacturers : Maxim

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DG302 image

Description :

Maxim’s DG300-DG303 and DG300A-DG303A CMOS dual and quad analog switches combine low power operation with fast switching times and superior DC and AC switch chracteristics. On resistance is less than 50Ω and is essentially constant over the analog signal range. Device specifications are ideal for battery powered circuitry.


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1. Monolithic Low Power CMOS
2. Latch-Up proof construction
3. Fully compatible 2nd source
4. Fast switching time

Ordering Information

DG302 ordering information


1. Portable Instruments
2. Low power sample/holds
3. Power supply switching
4. Process control and telemetry

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DG302 IGBT Reference Page :


DG302 Datasheet

IMX291 Datasheet PDF – Color CMOS Image Sensor

Part Number : IMX291

Function : Color CMOS Image Sensor

Package :  110-pin LGA Pin Type

Manufactures : Sanyo


IMX291 datasheet sensor


Sony has developed the approx. 2.13M effective pixel back-illuminated CMOS image sensors IMX290LQR and IMX291LQR with improved sensitivity in the visible-light and near infrared light regions for industrial applications.  A new 2.9 µm-square unit pixel has been developed that combines a back-illuminated structure with technology for improving near infrared sensitivity to further enhance picture quality at low illumination while at the same time realizing Full HD cameras for industrial applications. This realizes two or more times the sensitivity in the visible-light region and three or more times the sensitivity in the near infrared light region than that of the existing Sony product (IMX236LQJ)*1. In addition, two types of WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology are also provided to further improve imaging performance.  The new lineup includes the two types of the IMX290LQR, which has the DOL (Digital Overlap) -WDR function and the IMX291LQR, which does not have the DOL-WDR function



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IMX291 Datasheet PDF

IMX291 pdf