M51209P Datasheet PDF – Quad Comparator – Mitsubishi

Part Number : M51209P

Function : Quad Comparator

Package : DIP 14 Pin Type


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M51209P datasheet

Description :

The M51209P is a quad (four independent) comparator and operates over a wide voltage range from a single supply voltage. Especially the M51209P has superiority as to characteristics of input current ( input resistance ) and fits to wide ranged application, for example CR Timer, oscillator, etc.


1. Low input current ( high input resistance ) : 20 nA(typ.)
2. Wide supply voltage range : 2.5 V ~ 28 V
3. Low dissipation current : 6.8 mA(typ.)
4. Capable of driving a relay or a lamp directly : 200 mA(max.)
5. Includes voltage surge absorbing zener diodes
6. High output breakdown voltage : 30 V(max.)
7. Low output voltage(Isink=60mA) : 0.2 V(typ.)
8. Low input offset voltage : 2 mV(typ.)

Pinouts :


1. Voltage comparator, sequential timer, pulse generator
2. Analog / digital converter, time delay circuit

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M51209P Datasheet PDF Download

M51209P pdf

LM393 Datasheet PDF – Dual Comparator – Motorola

Part Number : LM393

Function : Low Offset Voltage Dual Comparator

Package : DIP, SOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Motorola ( Freescale )

Pinouts :

LM393 datasheet


Description :

The LM393 series are dual independent precision voltage comparators capable of single or split supply operation. These devices are designed to permit a common mode range–to–ground level with single supply operation. Input offset voltage specifications as low as 2.0 mV make this device an excellent selection for many applications in consumer automotive, and industrial electronics.


1. Wide Single–Supply Range : 2.0 Vdc to 36 Vdc
2. Split–Supply Range : ±1.0 Vdc to ±18 Vdc
3. Very Low Current Drain Independent of Supply Voltage : 0.4 mA
4. Low Input Bias Current : 25 nA
5. Low Input Offset Current : 5.0 nA
6. Low Input Offset Voltage : 2.0 mV (max) LM393A, 5.0 mV (max) LM293/393
7. Input Common Mode Range to Ground Level
8. Differential Input Voltage Range Equal to Power Supply Voltage
9. Output Voltage Compatible with DTL, ECL, TTL, MOS, and CMOS Logic Levels
10. ESD Clamps on the Inputs Increase the Ruggedness of the Device without Affecting Performance

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LM393 Datasheet PDF Download

LM393 pdf