0550910674 Connector – SlimStack Board-to-Board

Part Number : 0550910674

Function : SlimStack 0.635mm Pitch Board-to-Board Connector

Package : Surface Mount

Manufacturers : Molex Connectors

Image :

0550910674 datasheet


Description :

This is SlimStack Board-to-Board Connector.

Features :

1. 0.635mm Pitch SlimStack Header

2. Dual Row, Vertical Stacking, 6.00 and 12.00mm Stacking Heights, Black

3. Lead-Free, 60 Circuits, Robotic Placement

4. Metal Cap, with Embossed Tape on Reel Packaging

Specifications :

1. Circuits (Loaded) : 60

2. Circuits (maximum) : 60

3. Color – Resin : Black

4. Durability (mating cycles max) : 50

5. Flammability : 94V-0

6. Glow-Wire Capable : No

7. Lock to Mating Part : Yes

8. Mated Height : 12.00mm, 6.00mm

9. Mated Width : 6.40mm

550910674 Datasheet PDF Download

0550910674 pdf

Other data sheets within the file : 55091-0674

HDH-09010GID Datasheet PDF – Couplers with Connector

Part Number : HDH-09010GID

Function : 9.0GHz, 10dB, Couplers with Connector

Manufacturers : https://www.hirose.com/

Images :

HDH-09010GID datasheet


Description :

This is Couplers with Connector.

Features :

1. High Performance

The high frequency characteristics feature extremely low loss, a high degree of matching, and high isolation.

2. Power Uniform Distribution and 90˚Phase Difference Type

This is a one input, two output (or two input, one output) power uniform distribution type having a 90˚phase difference between the two outputs (or two inputs).

3. Miniature and Lightweight

Corrosion-resistant aluminum is used for the case and the Hirose Electric original pattern design, which uses a stripline triplate method, enables the couplers to be miniature and lightweight.

4.Couplers with SMA Connectors

Use of SMA connectors (Hirose Electric HRM Series) which feature stainless steel for the exterior cladding make these couplers durable.

Other data sheets within the file :

HDH-00803GHD, HDH-01503GH, HDH-01503GHD, HDH-01703CH, HDH-01703CHD

HDH-09010GID Datasheet PDF Download

HDH-09010GID pdf

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