LPJ0011BBNL Datasheet PDF – Jack RJ45 Connector Modular

Part Number: LPJ0011BBNL

Function: 10/100 Base-T Tab down Modular Jack RJ45 connector with LED

Package: Module Type

Manufacturer: LINK-PP

Image :
LPJ0011BBNL datasheet


This is 1 x 1 Port RJ45 Modular Jack , 100Base RJ 45 Modular Connector.

The LPJ0011BBNL is a modular jack, also known as a network interface connector, used in networking and communication systems. It is designed to provide a fast and reliable connection for network cables and is commonly used in both home and office environments. . It is typically found on the back of network devices such as routers, switches, and hubs, as well as on network wall plates for easy access to network connections.

1. Characteristics:

1) RJ45 Connector with integrated transformer/common mode choke

2) Available in SMD, THT and THT with USB

3) 350µH min. OCL with 8mA bias

4) Complies with IEEE 802.3

5) Extended temperature range -40°C to +85°C available

6) PoE/ PoE+


2. Operation/Application:

1) xDSL Modems

2) Embedded PC

3) LAN Applications

4) Hub, Router, Switches


Schematic :

LPJ0011BBNL image

LPJ0011BBNL pinout, datasheet

LPJ0011BBNL Datasheet PDF
LPJ0011BBNL pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: LPJ0011, LPJ0011BBNL

Official Site : http://www.link-pp.net/

FCN-214J030 Datasheet PDF – Board to Board, 30 Connector

Part Number: FCN-214J030


Manufacturer: Fujitsu


FCN-214J030 datasheet



The FCN-214J030 is Board to Board, 30 Pin Connector.


1. 1.27 mm (0.050 in.) pitch contact arrangement in two rows enables high-density mounting.

2. Connectors are available with 30 to 120 contacts.

3. Terminals are spaced in a four-row staggered arrangement (2.54 mm ×1.905 mm.) (0.100 in. × 0.075 in.) for easy PC board design.

4. Sockets are available for board mounting and for 0.635 mm (0.025 in.) pitch flat cable.[See the description of the FCN-210 series (for boardto-cable connection).]

5. Insulation is UL-approved (94V-0).



1. Operating temperature range : –55°C to +105°C

2. Current rating : DC 2 A

3. Voltage rating : AC 250 V

4. Contact resistance : 35 mW max. (DC 6 V, 0.1 V)

5. Insulation resistance : 1000 MW min. (DC 500 V)

6. Dielectric withstand voltage : 500 VAC for 1 minute

7. Insertion force : 4 kg max. (10 pins)

8. Withdrawal force : 250 g min. (10 pins)


Other data sheets are available within the file: FCN-214J030-G, FCN-214J034, FCN-214J034-G, FCN-214J040

FCN-214J030 Datasheet PDF Download

FCN-214J030 pdf

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