3TF3400-0BB4 Datasheet PDF – Power Contactor – Siemens

Part Number : 3TF3400-0BB4

Function : Power Contactors 3TF

Package : Module Type

Manufacturers : Siemens AG

Image and Pinouts :

3TF3400-0BB4 datasheet

Description :

For more than 110 years, Siemens has been developing and manufacturing industrial control products We offer a wide product range which fulfills the demands of our customers regarding performance an reliability. Our aim is to make industrial operation easier ensuring flexible mounting, modular construction and high functionality. With 3TF contactors Siemens has been offering a tried tested trusted solution to control, switch and protect your motors upto 250kW.


Specifications :

1. Product Description : Contactor, 32 A AC-3, 24 V DC

2. Product Lifecycle (PLM) : PM410:Product cancellation

3. PLM Effective Date : Product is cancelled since: 01.10.2021

4. Price Group / Headquarter Price Group : A0130000 / 4K1

5. Export Control Regulations ECCN : N / AL : N

6. Standard lead time ex-works : 15 Day/Days

7. Net Weight (kg) : 1.210 Kg

8. Packaging Dimension 55.00 x 105.00 x 162.00

Applications :

3TF power contactors are suitable for switching and controlling squirrel cage and slip-ring motors as well as other AC loads, such as solenoids, capacitors, lighting loads, heating loads and transformer loads.


Other data sheets within the file :

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3TF3400-0BB4 Datasheet PDF Download

3TF3400-0BB4 pdf

CJX2-1210 Datasheet – AC Contactor

This post explains for Contactor.

The Part Number is CJX2-1210.

The function of this semiconductor is AC contactor.

Manufacturers : Faryuan

Preview images :

1 page
CJX2-1210 image

Description :

CJX2-1210 is CJX2-1210. CJX2 AC Contactor( including LC1-D contactor and LC1-F Contactor),it is suitable for using in the circuit up to the rated voltage 1000V AC 50/60 Hz,and three phase,rated voltage 380V,rated current up to 630A.to switch on and off the circuit at a distance.It is also used as unfrequent start,stop and reversal of AC motor,it is combined into the electromagnetic starter with the thermal relay,combined with the auxiliary contact block,air delayer&machine-interlocking devices,it becomes the delay contactor,mechanical interlocking contactor,star-delta starter,the contactor is produced according to the standard IEC60947-4-1,GB14048.4 Main technical parameter Control Power (kw) Rated Rated Model Rated heat working 220V 380V 415V 440V 660V 1000V insulation current current voltage(V) Ith(A) 380V Number Of the contacts Weight (kg) AC3(A) CJX2-0910/0901 CJX2-1210/1201 CJX2-1610(1810) CJX2-1601(1801) CJX2-251 CJX2-1201 CJX2-1810 CJX2-2510 CJX2-3210 CJX2-D5011 CJX2-D9511 […]


CJX2-1210 Datasheet

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