DK112 Datasheet – Switching Power Supply Control Chip – DK

Part Number : DK112

Function : Switching Power Supply Control Chip

Package : SOP 8 Pin type

Manufactures : Bright Power Semiconductor ( )

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The DK112 chip is a dedicated low-power switching power supply control chip, widely used in power adapter, LED power, Induction Cooker, air conditioning, DVD and other small household electrical appliances.


Pinout for DK112



1. 65KHz Oscillation Frequency.
2. Double chip design with Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) to save cost.
3. Large scale MOS digital circuit design with E pole BJT driving, so that to enhance its High Voltage Resistance capability.

4. Self-power supply design, no need for additional IC to supply the electricity.
5. Internal integrated constant high voltage current driving circuit, no need for additional resistance.
6. Over current, Over loading, Over temperature, Over voltage, Output short circuit and photo-coupler Failure Protection.
7. Internal Ramp Compensation circuit to keep the stability of the circuit in low voltage and high power condition.
8. Internal PMW oscillation circuit with Frequency jittering control to keep EMC characteristics.
9. Internal Frequency Conversion. Frequency-down in low load condition, comply with the Europe Standard (stand power<0.3W), also reduce the output voltage ripple.
10. Ramp current drive circuit included to reduce IC power loss and raise circuit efficiency.
11. 4KV Anti-Static ESD test

Application Circuit



1. Battery charger
2. DVD/VCD power supply
3. Power AC/DC adapters
4. Air conditioner power supply
5. STB power supply
6. AC/DC LED driver applications
7. Electromagnetic oven power supply
8. TV/Monitor power supply

DK112 Datasheet

DK112 pdf

SEM5025 Datasheet – LED Driver Control IC – Samsung

Part Number : SEM5025

Function : IC for Samsung UE32D4003BW, LED Driver Control IC

Package : SOP 16 Pin

Manufacturers : Samsung

Image :

SEM5025 datasheet

Description :

LCD Power Management IC Chip, LED Inverter, Protection

The SEM5025 is a current mode control LED driver IC designed to control single switch PWM converters (buck, boost, buckboost, or SEPIC), in a constant frequency or constant off-time mode. The controller uses a peak current control scheme, (with programmable slope compensation), and includes an internal transconductance amplifier to control the output current in closed loop, enabling high output current accuracy.


SEM5025 pinout


1. Works with high side current sensing
2. Closed loop control of output current
3. High PWM dimming ratio
4. Output short circuit protection
5. Output over voltage protection
6. Synchronization capability


SEM5025 Circuit


1. RGB backlight applications
2. Battery powered LED lamps
3. Other DC/DC LED drivers

SEM5025 Datasheet PDF

SEM5025 pdf

HV9911 Circuit

HV9911 circuit

HV9911 Datasheet

MAP3201 Datasheet

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