BD9011 Datasheet PDF – Switching Regulator – ROHM

Part Number : BD9011

Function : Large Current External FET Controller Type Switching Regulator

Package : VQFP48C

Manufacturers : ROHM Semiconductor

Pinouts :
BD9011 datasheet

Description :

This is Large Current External FET Controller Type Switching Regulator.

The BD9011EKN, BD9011KV, BD9011 is a 2-ch synchronous controller with rectification switching for enhanced power manageme It supports a wide input range, enabling low power consumption ecodesign for an array of electronics.


1)  Wide input voltage range: 3.9V to 30V
2)  Precision voltage references: 0.8V±1%
3)  FET direct drive
4)  Rectification switching for increased efficiency
5)  Variable frequency: 250k to 550kHz (external synchronization to 550kHz)
6)  Built-in selected OFF latch and auto remove over current protection
7)  Built-in independent power up/power down sequencing control
8)  Make various application , step-down , step-up and step-up-down

Applications :

1. Car audio and navigation systems, CRTTV,LCDTV,PDPTV,STB,DVD

Other data sheets within the file : BD9011EKN, BD9011KV, BD9775, BD9775FV

BD9011 Datasheet PDF

OB2263 Datasheet PDF – Current Mode PWM Controller

Part Number : OB2263

Function : Current Mode PWM Controller

Package : SOT23-6, SOP-8 and DIP-8 Type

Manufacturers : On-Bright Electronics

Pinouts :

OB2263 datasheet

Description :

OB2263 is a highly integrated current mode PWM control IC optimized for high performance, low standby power and cost effective offline flyback converter applications in sub 30W range.

PWM switching frequency at normal operation is externally programmable and trimmed to tight range. At no load or light load condition, the IC operates in extended ‘burst mode’ to minimize switching loss.

Lower standby power and higher conversion efficiency is thus achieved.


1. On-Bright Proprietary Frequency Shuffling Technology for Improved EMI Performance.

2. Extended Burst Mode Control For Improved Efficiency and Minimum Standby Power Design

3. Audio Noise Free Operation

4. External Programmable PWM Switching Frequency

5. Internal Synchronized Slope Compensation

6. Low VDD Startup Current and Low Operating Current (1.4mA)

7. Leading Edge Blanking on Current Sense Input

Applications :

1. Battery Charger

2. Power Adaptor

3. Set-Top box power supply

Other data sheets within the file :

0B2263, OB2263A, OB2263AP, OB2263C, OB2263CP

OB2263 Datasheet PDF Download

OB2263 pdf