IT8518E Datasheet Schematic – I/O Controller IC, LQFP128 – ITE

What is IT8518E?

This is a chip that is commonly used in laptop motherboards to manage power and thermal management functions. It is produced by ITE Tech Inc., a Taiwan-based company that specializes in the design and manufacture of integrated circuits for various electronic devices. The IT8518E chip is responsible for monitoring and controlling the voltage, current, and temperature of various components in the laptop, ensuring that they operate within safe limits and preventing damage from overheating or overloading.

Part number : IT8518E ( = IT8502E )

Function: Highly Integrated Embedded Controller

Package: LQFP128 Type

Manufacturer: ITE Tech, Inc.


IT8518E image


The IT8518E is a highly integrated embedded controller with system functions suitable for mobile system applications. The controller directly interfaces to the LPC bus and provides ACPI embedded controller function, keyboard controller (KBC) and matrix scan, external flash interface for system BIOS and EC code, PWM and ADC for hardware monitor, PS/2 interface for external keyboard/mouse devices, BRAM and system wake up functions for system power management. It also supports the external flash (or EPROM) to be shared by the host and EC side.

IT8518E Pinout

IT8518E datasheet

1. Multiple voltage regulators: Several voltage regulators that can be programmed to provide different voltages to various components in the laptop.

2. Fan control: Control the speed of the laptop’s cooling fans, adjusting them as needed to maintain optimal operating temperatures.

3. Protection features: Various protection features, such as overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, and overtemperature protection, to prevent damage to the laptop’s components.


1. 8032 Embedded Controller

2. LPC Bus Interface

3. Flash Interface

4. SMBus Controller

5. System Wake Up Control

6. Timer / Watch Dog Timer

7. ACPI Power Management Channel


IT8518 Pinout

IT8518 pinout


IT8518E Datasheet

IT8518E pdf


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KB926QF Datasheet PDF – IC Chipset for Computer – ENE

What is KB926QF?

This is a specific type of microcontroller integrated circuit (IC) manufactured by ENE Technology Inc. It is commonly used in laptop and desktop computer systems as a keyboard controller. It is designed to provide reliable and efficient keyboard control for computer systems.

Function: Laptop Embedded Controller IC

Package: LQFP 128 PIN

Manufacturer: ENE Technology


KB926QF image


The KB926QF is System Controller for Laptop motherboard, Super I/O Controller.

The IC is an embedded controller with LPC interface to connect with host. The embedded controller contains industrial standard 8051 microprocessor and provides function of i8042 keyboard controller basically. The KB926QF is designed with Shared-ROM architecture with SPI flash. The EC firmware and system BIOS will exist in one SPI flash. The embedded controller also features rich interfaces for applications, such as PS/2 interface, Keyboard Matrix, PWM, A/D converter, D/A converter, Fan controller, SMBus controller, GPIO controllers and extension interface for future applications.


1. RISC microprocessor
2. Support for up to 136 scan codes
3. Integrated oscillator for clock generation
4. Support for multiple power modes, including power-down and sleep modes
5. Multiple communication interfaces, including I2C and SPI
6. Built-in keyboard scanning and decoding algorithms
7. Programmable LED control for indicator lights


KB926QF datasheet pinout

An embedded controller typically consists of a microcontroller, memory, input/output (I/O) interfaces, and other peripheral components. The microcontroller is the heart of the embedded controller and is responsible for executing the program code that controls the device. The memory is used to store the program code and data, while the I/O interfaces allow the embedded controller to communicate with other devices or systems. By integrating a dedicated controller into a system, designers can optimize the performance and functionality of the system, while also reducing its size, cost, and power consumption.

Reference Image:
KB926D pinout

Other data sheets are available within the file: KB926QFC1, KB926QFDC

KB926QF Datasheet PDF Download

KB926QF pdf


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