OB3302CP Datasheet PDF – CCFL PWM Controller

Part Number : OB3302CP

Function : CCFL PWM Controller

Package : SOP 8 Pin type

Manufacturers : On-bright ( http://www.on-bright.com )

Images :

OB3302CP datasheet

Description :

OB3302 is a cost effective PWM controller that dedicated for CCFL inverter application in push pull
topology, it integrates complete functions which includes striking management, dimming control and lamp fail protections.


OB3302CP pinout controller


1. Compact and cost effective system design
2. Direct LPWM input
3. Cost effective Push Pull topology
4. Programmable constant PWM frequency
5. High precision reference and frequency setting
6. Soft start
7. Build in negative LPWM dimming (burst mode)
8. 1.3 times high striking frequency
9. Build in 1.5S (typical) striking timer


OB3302CP circuit

Reference site : http://monitor.net.ru/forum/ob3302cp-soi8-info-494185.html


1. LCD monitor
3. LCD flat panel display system

Other data sheets within the file : OB3302

OB3302CP Datasheet PDF Download

OB3302CP pdf

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FTC334F image



FTC334F Datasheet

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