MTV038N Datasheet – Display Controller for CRT/LCD Monitor

Part Number: MTV038N

Function: On-screen-display controller for CRT/LCD monitor

Package: DIP, SOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Myson Century Inc

MTV038N datasheet


MTV038 is designed for CRT/LCD monitor applications to display built-in characters or fonts onto monitor screens. The display operation occurs by transferring data and control information from the micro-controller to RAM through a serial data interface. It can execute full-screen display automatically, as well as specific functions such as character background, bordering, shadowing, blinking, double height and width, font by font color control, character but ton boxes, frame positioning, frame size control by character height and row-to-row spacing, horizontal display resolution, full-screen erasing, fade-in/fade-out effect, windowing effect, shadowing on window and full-screen self test pattern generator.

Block Diagram



1. Horizontal SYNC input up to 150 KHz
2. On-chip PLL circuitry or external pixel clock input up to 150 MHz
3. Full screen self-test pattern generator
4. Double character height and/or width control
5. Programmable positioning for display screen center
6. Software clears bit for full-screen erasing

Other data sheets are available within the file: MTV038, MTV038N20

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