BD9011 Datasheet PDF – Switching Regulator – ROHM

Part Number : BD9011

Function : Large Current External FET Controller Type Switching Regulator

Package : VQFP48C

Manufacturers : ROHM Semiconductor

Pinouts :
BD9011 datasheet

Description :

The BD9011EKN/KV is a 2-ch synchronous controller with rectification switching for enhanced power manageme It supports a wide input range, enabling low power consumption ecodesign for an array of electronics.


1)  Wide input voltage range: 3.9V to 30V
2)  Precision voltage references: 0.8V±1%
3)  FET direct drive
4)  Rectification switching for increased efficiency
5)  Variable frequency: 250k to 550kHz (external synchronization to 550kHz)
6)  Built-in selected OFF latch and auto remove over current protection
7)  Built-in independent power up/power down sequencing control
8)  Make various application , step-down , step-up and step-up-down

Other data sheets within the file : BD9011EKN, BD9011KV, BD9775, BD9775FV

BD9011 Datasheet PDF

STK4274 Datasheet PDF – Current Amplifier – Sanyo

Part Number : STK4274

Function : Current Amplifier / Thick Film Hybrid IC

Package : SIP 15 Pin

Manufacturers : SANYO -> Panasonic

Image :

STK4274 datasheet

Features : 2 Channels / 1 package for convergence use

Application : Video projectors

Absolute Maximum Ratings ( Ta=25°C )

1. Maximum Supply Voltage : Vcc = ± 38 V
2. Junction Temperature : Tj = 150°C
3. Storage Temperatue : Tsg = -30 ~ +105°C

Block Diagram

STK4274 block diagram

Other data sheets within the file : STK-4274

STK4274 Datasheet PDF Download


STK4274 pdf

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