CW7809 Datasheet – 9V Voltage Regulator

Part Number : CW7809

Function : (CW78XX Series) 1.5A / 9V Output voltage is fixed

Package : TO 220 Type

Manufacturers : Wuxi China Resources Semico

Pinouts :

Description :

CW7800 maximum output current of 1.5A. Circuit with the flow, Overheating and adjust the tube protection circuit safe operating area, only in the ‘maximum allowable Xu input voltage ‘within the scope of the work to ensure the safety circuit.

CW7809 Datasheet

CW7809 Datasheet PDF Download

CW7809 pdf

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RTL8153 Datasheet PDF – Realtek

Part Number : RTL8153

Function : Integrated 10/100/1000M Ethernet Controller for USB Applications

Manufacturers : Realtek Semiconductor

Image :
RTL8153 datasheet

Description :

The Realtek RTL8153-CG 10/100/1000M Ethernet controller combines an IEEE 802.3u compliant Media Access Controller (MAC), USB 3.0 bus controller, and embedded memory.

With state-of-the-art DSP technology and mixed-mode signal technology, the RTL8153 offers high-speed transmission over CAT 5 UTP cable or CAT 3 UTP (10Mbps only) cable. Functions such as Crossover Detection and Auto-Correction, polarity correction, adaptive equalization, cross-talk cancellation, echo cancellation, timing recovery, and error correction are implemented to provide robust transmission and reception capabilities.

The RTL8153 features embedded One-Time-Programmable (OTP) memory that can replace the external EEPROM (93C46/93C56/93C66/TWSI).

RTL8153 Datasheet
RTL8153 pdf