D1351 PDF Datasheet – Vcbo=60V, NPN Transistor – 2SD1351

This post explains for the semiconductor D1351.

The Part Number is 2SD1351.

The function of this semiconductor is NPN Power Transistor.

The manufacturers of this product is JMnic.

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Description :

1. With TO-220C package
2. Complement to type 2SB988
3. Low saturation voltage : VCE(sat)=1.0V(Max.)(IC=2.0A,IB=0.2A)


·For general purpose application


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D1351 PDF Datasheet


KIA50N06 Datasheet – 50A, 60V, N-Ch MOSFET – KIA

Part Number : KIA50N06

Function : N-Channel MOSFET, 50 Amps, 60 Volts

Package : TO-220, TO-220F Type

Manufactures : KIA Semicondcutors




The KIA50N06 is three-terminal silicon device with current conduction capability of about 50A, fast switching speed. Low on-state resistance, breakdown voltage rating of 60V, and max threshold voltages of 4 volt. It is mainly suitable electronic ballast, and low power switching.

KIA50N06 datasheet pinout



1. RDS(ON)=23mΩ@VGS=10V.

2. Ultra low gate charge (typical 30nC)

3. Low reverse transfer capacitance

4. Fast switching capability

5. 100% avalanche energy specified

6. Improved dv/dt capability


KIA50N06 Datasheet PDF