UPD5702TU Datasheet PDF – Laterally Diffused (LD) MOSFET

Part Number : UPD5702TU


Package : 8-pin lead-less minimold

Manufacturers : California Eastern Laboratories.

Pinouts :
UPD5702TU datasheet

Description :

The µPD5702TU is a silicon laterallydiffused (LD) MOSFET IC designed for use as power amplifier 1.9 GHz PHS and 2.4 GHz applications. This IC consists of two stage amplifiers. The device is packaged in surface mount 8 pin L2MM (Lead Less Mini Mold) plastic package.


1. Output Power
: Pout=+21 dBm MIN. @Pin= −5 dBm, f =1.9 GHz, VDS=3.0 V
: Pout=+21 dBm MIN. @Pin= +2 dBm, f = 2.45 GHz, VDS=3.0 V
2.  Single Supplyvoltage  : VDS= 3.0 V TYP.
3. Packaged in 8-pin Lead-Less Minimold (2.0 x2.2 x 0.5mm) suitable for high-densitysurface mounting.



1. 1.9 GHz applications (Example : PHS etc.)
2. •2.4 GHz applications (Example : Wireless LAN etc.)

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UPD5702TU Datasheet PDF Download

UPD5702TU pdf

MAX196BCNI Datasheet PDF – 12-bit DAS – Maxim

Part Number : MAX196BCNI

Function : Multirange, single +5V, 12-bit DAS with 12-bit bus interface

Package : DIP, SO, SSOP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Maxim Integrated

Pinouts :

MAX196BCNI datasheet


Description :

The MAX196/MAX198 multirange, 12-bit data-acquisition systems (DAS) require only a single +5V supply for operation, yet convert analog signals at their inputs up to ±10V (MAX196) and ±4V (MAX198). These systems provide six analog input channels that are indepen dently software programmable for a variety of ranges:
±10V, ±5V, 0V to +10V, and 0V to +5V for the MAX196; ±VREF, ±VREF/2, 0V to +VREF, and 0V to +VREF/2 for the MAX198. This range switching increases the effective dynamic range to 14 bits and provides the flexibility to interface ±12V, ±15V, and 4mA to 20mA powered
sensors to a single +5V system. In addition, these converters are fault protected to ±16.5V; a fault condition on any channel will notaffect the conversion result of the selected channel.

Other features include a 5MHz bandwidth track/hold, 100ksps throughput rate, software-selectable internal/external clock, internal/external acquisition control, 12-bit parallel interface, and internal 4.096V or external reference.


1. Industrial-Control Systems
2. Robotics
3. Data-Acquisition Systems
4. Automatic Testing Systems
5. Medical Instruments
6. Telecommunications

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MAX196BCNI Datasheet PDF Download

MAX196BCNI pdf