DAP013F Datasheet PDF – AC-DC Converter, 14 Pin

Part Number : DAP013F

Function : High Performance AC-DC converter

Package : SOP 14 Pin

Manufacturers : ON Semicondcutor

Image :



The DAP013F offers everything to build high performance AC-DC converters or offline adapters. Thanks to a novel valley lockout system, the controller is able to switch inside the drain-source valley and is immune to valley jumping instabilities. When the output load decreases significantly, the controller toggles to a fixed peak current/variable frequency mode that ensures very low standby power consumption.


1. Quasi-resonant Peak Current-mode Control Operation
2. Valley Switching Operation with Valley-lockout for Noise-immune Operation
3. VCO Mode (fixed peak current, variable frequency) in Light Output Load for Improved Standby Dissipation
4. Internal 5 ms Soft-start
5. Loss-free Adjustable Over Power Protection
6. Auto-recovery or Latched Internal Output Short-circuit Protection
7. Adjustable Timer for Improved Short-circuit Protection


DAP013F Pinout, Curcuit DAP013F Datasheet

Pin Description

1. Over Power Protection pin (OPP, pin 1): applying a negative voltage on this pin reduces the internal maximum peak current set point.
2. Over Temperature Protection pin (OTP, pin 2): Connect an NTC between this pin and ground. An internal current source biases the NTC. When the NTC pulls the pin down, the circuit permanently latches-off.
3. Timer pin (Timer, pin 3): Wiring a capacitor from this pin to ground helps selecting the timer duration.
4. Zero Voltage Detection pin (ZCD, pin 4): Connected to the auxiliary winding, this pin detects the core reset event.
5. Timing Capacitor pin (Ct, pin 5): A capacitor connected to this pin acts as the timing capacitor in VCO mode.
6. Feedback pin (FB, pin 6): Hooking an optocoupler collector to this pin will allow regulation.
7. Current Sense pin (CS, pin 7): This pin monitors the primary current and triggers the fault if needed.
8. Ground pin (GND, pin 8): The controller ground.
9. Driver pin (DRV, pin 9): This pin delivers pulses to the power MOSFET.
10. Power Supply pin (VCC, pin 10): This pin supplies the controller and accepts voltage up to 28 V.
11. Brown-Out pin (BO, pin 11): Allows shutting-down the controller for a chosen input voltage level. (C and D versions only)
12. Over Voltage Protection pin (OVP, pin 12): By pulling this pin high, the controller can be permanently latched-off.
13. High Voltage pin (HV, pin 14): Connected to the bulk capacitor, this pin powers the internal current source to deliver a start-up current that charges the VCC capacitor.

Reference PDF : http://monitor.espec.ws/files/dap013_858.pdf

DAP013F Datasheet PDF

DAP013F pdf

P2ED460 Datasheet PDF – DC Dental Motor

Part Number : P2ED460

Function : DC Medical Motor

Manufacturers : ATAS ( https://www.atas.cz )

Image :

P2ED460 datasheet


Description :  Electric Micromotor

P2ED460 motor


1. Voltage : 24 V
2. Output : 32 W
3. Current : 2.0 A
4. Speed : 29,000
5. Direct.of : oba, both, beide
6. Duty : S3, 25%
7. Weight : 0.08 kg
8. Design : IP40

Other data sheets within the file : P2DN422, P2ED460-K

P2ED460 Datasheet PDF Download

P2ED460 pdf

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