STi7141 Datasheet – HD Decoder for digital cable set-top box

This post explains for the semiconductor STi7141.

The Part Number is STi7141. The Package is PBGA 580 + 100 balls, 35 x 35 mm Type.

The function of this semiconductor is HD decoder for interactive digital cable set-top box .

Manufacturers : STMicroelectronics

Image :

STi7141 decoder datasheet


Description :

The STi7141 is a highly integrated SoC (systemon-chip) designed to meet the demanding needs of the interactive cable set top box market place. The STi7141 integrates all the major system functions into a single device, and provides world leading, multi-layer, advanced security technologies to protect valuable video and audio assets.


Application Circuit

STi7141 application

The STi7141 is a low-cost, networkable, HDTV set-top box device, with an embeded
DOCSIS cable modem capable of providing DSG (DOCSIS set-top gateway), interactive
multimedia and internet access for the digital cable market.


1. Three integrated cable receiver / demodulators
2. DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS 2.0 cable modem with support for DOCSIS 3.0 down-stream channelbonding
3. SCTE-55 part 1 and 2 physical layer support for CableCARDTM
4. Dual Core architecture providing more than 1600 DMIPS of processing performance

Ordering Number : STi7141ZWA


STi7141 Datasheet

STi7141 pdf

74HC138 Datasheet – 3-to-8 Line Decoder/Demultiplexer

Part Number : 74HC138

Description : 3-to-8 line decoder/demultiplexer inverting

Package : DIP, SMD 16 Pin

Manufactures : Philips



The 74HC138 / 74HCT138 are high-speed Si-gate CMOS devices and are pin compatible with low power Schottky TTL (LSTTL). They are specified in compliance with JEDEC standard no. 7A. The 74HC138 / 74HCT138 decoders accept three binary weighted address inputs (A0, A1, A2) and when enabled, provide 8 mutually exclusive active LOW outputs (Y0 to Y7).




1. Demultiplexing capability
2. Multiple input enable for easy expansion
3. Ideal for memory chip select decoding
4. Active LOW mutually exclusive outputs
5. Output capability: standard
6. ICC category: MSI

Functional Diagram74hc138-datasheet-pinout


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74HC138 Datasheet