UM3750 Datasheet PDF – Programmable Encoder / Decoder

Part Number : UM3750

Function : Programmable Encoder / Decoder

Package : DIP 18 Pin

Manufacturers : UMC


UM3750 datasheet

Description :

The UM3750 Encoder / Decoder is a CMOS / LSI digital code Transmitter-Receiver system. Working in the transmit(encoder) mode, the UM3750 will sequentially encode and transmit 12 bits of input. Each of the 12 bits may be 1 or 0 to allow 4096 different codes.


Pinouts :

UM3750 datasheet


1. Single chip contains both Encoder and Decoder.
2. 3V to 11 V operation.
3. On chip oscillator uses non-critical RC components

4. Schmitt Trigger input provides excellent noise immunity.


Alarm control system, security system cordless telephone, remote control.

Other data sheets within the file : UM3750M

UM3750 Datasheet PDF Download

UM3750 pdf

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SCT2272T4 Datasheet – Remote Control Decoder

Part Number : SCT2272T4, SCT2272GM

Function : Remote Control Decoder

Package : SOP 18 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Silvan Chip Electronics


SCT2272T4 decoder


1. CMOS Technology
2. Low Power Consumption
3. Very High Noise Immunity
4. Single Resistor Oscillator
5. Latch or Momentary Output Type

Pinout :


1. Car Security System
2. Garage Door Controller
3. Remote Control Fan
4. Home Security/Automation System
5. Remote Control Toys
6. Remote Control for Industrial Use


The Device is equivalent : [ PT2272.pdf ]

Reference PDF : [ SCT2272GM.pdf ]

SCT2272T4 Datasheet

SCT2272T4 pdf

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