2SD1881 Datasheet – NPN, Transistor ( Color TV Horizontal)

Part Number: 2SD1881

Function: 1500V 10A 70W NPN Transistor


Color TV Horizontal Deflection Output Applications

Manufacturer: Sanyo Semicon Device



2SD1881 pinout


1. Color TV horizontal diflection output.
2. Color display horizontal deflection output.

1. High speed (tf=100ns).
2. High breakdown voltage (VCBO=1500V).
3. High reliability (adoption of HVP process).
4. On-chip damper diode.

2SD1881 Datasheet

2SD1881 datasheet


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X0640C Datasheet – TV Vertical Deflection Output – Sharp

Part Number: X0640C, IX0640CE

Package : ZIP 7 Pin

Function: Color TV Vertical Deflection Output Circuit

Manufacturer: Sharp


X0640C Datasheet

X0640C Pinouts

X0640C Circuit


X0640C = LA7830 ( Sanyo )

The LA7830 is a monolithic linear IC designed for small-aperture color TV vertical deflection output and has such features as greatly reduced number of external parts and low power dissipation. The LA7830 can be used in conjunction  with  the  LA7620 series for video  chromadeflection use and the  ~~7800 series for deflection use and the LA7850 series for display use to form a stable and compact vertical output deflection circuit.

Datasheet Download : [ LA7830.PDF ]