BD4926 Datasheet – CMOS Voltage Detector IC

Part Number : BD4926

Function : Voltage Detector IC Series / System Power Supply

Package : SSOP3, SSOP5, VSOF5 Type

Manufacturers : ROHM Semiconductor

Pinouts :

BD4926 datasheet


Description :

ROHM’s BD48xxx and BD49xxx, BD4926 series are highly accurate, low-current Voltage Detector IC series. The family includes BD48xxx devices with N-channel open drain output and BD49xxx devices with CMOS output. The devices are available for specific detection voltages ranging from 2.3V to 6.0V in increments of 0.1V.

Block Diagram


1. High accuracy detection
2. Ultra-low current consumption
3. Two output types (Nch open drain and CMOS output)
4. Wide Operating temperature range
5. Very small and low height package

Applications :

Circuits using microcontrollers or logic circuits that require a reset.

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BD4926 Datasheet PDF Download

BD4926 pdf

MSX060 Datasheet – Single Area Detector

Part Number : MSX060

Function : SINGLE SIDED MSX SERIES: Extensive range of single area detectors.

Manufacturers : Micron

Image :

MSX060 datasheet


Description :

Totally depleted ion implanted structures.
Micron Semiconductor’s ultra low leakage currents and thin entrance window couples with fast response from total depletion with over voltage capability permits a wide range of applications for these single area detectors. For example, High Energy Physics, Fission Fragments Detection, Room
Temperature X-ray Detection, Gamma Transient Detection, Heavy Ion Physics and Nuclear Structure Physics.

MSX060  40.0 x 15.0  43.0 x 18.0  2/7/9 M/T/P  2M  4  MGR  Chip Only


MSX060 Datasheet PDF Download

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