AS273F1LP13 Datasheet PDF – Over-Temperature Detector

Part Number : AS273F1LP13

Function : Over-Temperature Detector

Package : TO-92 Type

Manufacturers : Astec Semiconductor ( Silicon Link )

Pinouts :

AS273F1LP13 datasheet

Description :

The AS273 is a series of programmable over-temperature detectors. Each is internally composed of a precision 2.5 V shunt reference, a proportional-to-absolute temperature thermal sensor, a comparator with controlled hysteresis, and an open collector output that indicates an over-temp condition. The threshold for the over-temp signal can be set to any of three values on a given part by controlling the magnitude of the reference shunt current.

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1. Programmable to three different over-temperature thresholds
2. 2.5 V temperature compensated bandgap reference trimmed to 1%
3. Open collector output goes low on over-temp condition

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AS273F1LP13 Datasheet PDF Download

AS273F1LP13 pdf

RH5VT21CC Datasheet PDF – Low Voltage Detector – Ricoh

Part Number : RH5VT21CC

Function : Low Voltage Detector

Package : SOT-92 Type

Manufacturers : RICOH Co.,Ltd.

Pinouts :

RH5VT21CC datasheet


Description :

RH5VT21CC Series are voltage detector ICs with high threshold accuracy and ultra-low supply current by CMOS process, which can be operated at an extremely low voltage and is used, for instance, for system reset. Each of these ICs consists of a voltage reference unit, a comparator, resistors for voltage detection, an output driver and a hysteresis circuit. The detector threshold is fixed with high accuracy.


1. Ultra-low Supply Current : TYP. 0.8μA (VDD=1.5V)
2. Broad Operating Voltage Range : 0.7V to 10.0V (Topt =25°C)
3. Detector Threshold :
Stepwise setting with a step of 0.1V in the range of 0.9V to 6.0V is possible (refer to Selection Guide).

4. High Accuracy Detector Threshold : ±2.5%
5. Low Temperature-Drift Coefficien of Detector Threshold : TYP. ±100ppm/°C
6. Two Output Types : Nch Open Drain and CMOS


1. CPU & Logic Circuit Reset
2. Battery Checker
3. Window Comparator
4. Wave Shaping Circuit
5. Battery Back-Up Circuit
6. Power Failure Detector

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RH5VT21CC Datasheet PDF Download

RH5VT21CC pdf