What is 1.5KE15CA? – 12.8V, 1500W, TVS Rectifier, Diode

What is 1.5KE15CA?

It is a type of transient voltage suppressor (TVS) diode that is designed to protect electronic circuits from voltage surges and spikes. It has a peak pulse power rating of 1500 watts and a breakdown voltage of 15 volts.

TVS diodes like the 1.5KE15CA are commonly used to protect sensitive electronic devices from voltage transients caused by lightning, electrostatic discharge (ESD), or other sources of electrical noise. They work by shunting the excess voltage away from the protected device and dissipating it harmlessly through the diode.

Part Number: 1.5KE15CA

Function: 12.8V, 1500 Watt Mosorb Zener Transient Voltage Suppressor

Package: Axial Type

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor


Mosorb devices are designed to protect voltage sensitive components from high voltage, high–energy transients. They have excellent clamping capability, high surge capability, low zener impedance and fast response time. These devices are ON Semiconductor’s exclusive, cost-effective, highly reliable Surmetic axial leaded package and are ideally-suited for use in communication systems, numerical controls, process controls, medical equipment, business machines, power supplies and many other industrial/ consumer applications, to protect CMOS, MOS and Bipolar integrated circuits.

Image and pinouts :


Specification Features

• Working Peak Reverse Voltage Range – 5.8 V to 214 V

• Peak Power – 1500 Watts @ 1 ms

• ESD Rating of Class 3 (>16 KV) per Human Body Model

• Maximum Clamp Voltage @ Peak Pulse Current

• Low Leakage < 5 µA above 10 V

• UL 497B for Isolated Loop Circuit Protection

• Response Time is typically < 1 ns


1.5KE15CA Datasheet

The 1.5KE15CA is just one of many TVS diodes available, and the specific model chosen will depend on the voltage and power requirements of the application. Other commonly used TVS diodes include the 1.5KE33CA, 1.5KE200CA, and 1.5KE400CA.

Difference between tvs diode and normal diode?

A diode is a two-terminal electronic device that allows current to flow in one direction but blocks it in the other. It is commonly used in electronic circuits for rectification, voltage regulation, and signal isolation. A TVS (transient voltage suppressor) diode, on the other hand, is a specialized type of diode that is designed to protect electronic circuits from voltage surges and spikes caused by lightning, electrostatic discharge (ESD), or other sources of electrical noise.

The main difference between the two is that a TVS diode has a specific range of breakdown voltages and can withstand much higher levels of current and power for short periods of time.

1.5KE15CA Datasheet

1.5KE15CA pdf


DD171N Datasheet PDF (Diode Module) – Eupec, Infineon

Part Number: DD171N

Function: Rectifier Diode Module

Package: Module type

Manufacturer: Eupec, Infineon Technologies


DD171N datasheet



34 mm PowerBLOCK Rectifier Diode Modules are designed and assembled with high reliable pressure contact technology using an isolated copper base plate.


1. DD171N16K : 1600V, 270A

2. DD171N12K : 1200V, 270A

DD171N Datasheet PDF Download

DD171N pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: DD-A171N, DD-K171N, ND171N

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