FX-07RT Datasheet – 7 Digit Counter, 12VDC, PC Mount

Part Number : FX-07RT

Function : Specification FX series of (6,7-digit non reset electromagnetic counter)

Manufacturers : Tokyo Keisu Industry

Images :

FX-07RT datasheet


Description :

Meter with LED Battery – 3.6V With Lead

Number of digits : Seven

Weight : About 24g

FX-07RT Meter

External connection method  : Pin terminal 0.65 × 8

Mounting : Bottom mounting (screw)



Other data sheets within the file : FX07RT

FX-07RT Datasheet PDF Download

FX-07RT pdf

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TM1637 Datasheet – IC for 4-digit 7-segment display – Titan Micro

Part Number : TM1637

Function : Chip for driving 4-digit seven-segment display .

Package : DIP20 / SOP20

Manufacturers : Titan Micro

Image :

TM1637 Datasheet Segment IC

TM1637 image

LED TM1637 is a scanning interface with a keyboard (light-emitting diode display) dedicated drive control circuit, the number of internally integrated MCU Digital interface, data latches, LED high voltage drive, keyboard scanning circuit.

Features :
1. using power CMOS process
2. Display Mode (paragraph 8 × 6 bits), supports digital output common anode
3. key scan (8 × 2bit), enhanced anti-jamming key recognition circuit
4. luminance adjustment circuit (duty cycle 8 adjustable)
5. Two-wire serial interface (CLK, DIO)
6. Oscillation mode: Built-in RC oscillator (450KHz + 5%)
7. Built-in power-on reset circuit
8. Built-in automatic blanking circuit

TM1637 Datasheet

TM1637 Datasheet

Datasheet Download [ TM1637_datasheet.PDF  ]

Reference Site : http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/Grove_-_4-Digit_Display