NB7232 Datasheet PDF – Stepless Speed Dimmer, SOP 8 Pin

Part Number: NB7232

Function: Stepless Speed Control Touch Dimmer

Package: SOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Unspecified


NB7232 datasheet



NB7232 touch (key) stepless dimming (speed control) / switching circuit, is a new product of Ningbo Science and Technology Park Silicon Microelectronics Co., Ltd. optimized design and process improvement, fully compatible with the early LS7232, CS7232, M7232 The SM7232 is a CMOS process with a working voltage of 5V. The performance and stability of the LS7232 (operating voltage of 15V) using the PMOS process is much better.

Application Circuit

NB7232 circuit

Widely used in the control of incandescent lighting (table lamps, chandeliers, etc.) and motor speed (table fan, ceiling fan, vacuum cleaner, etc.) in life, together with a peripheral circuit mainly composed of two-way thyristor, using touch (or button) Dimming (or speed control) and switching control of the light source (or motor), and memory function of dimming or speed control position. Get rid of the traditional mechanical switch or potentiometer adjustment form, is a novel upgrade product.


NB7232 pinout

The circuit consists of an input buffer, phase-locked loop, control logic, luminance memory, phase angle pointer, digital comparator, and output driver.

Other data sheets are available within the file: CS7232, LS7232, M7232, SM7232

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