RTD2270L Datasheet PDF – Display Controller

This is a kind of Display Controller.

Part Number : RTD2270L

Function : Flat Panel Display Controller

Package : LQFP64 7×7

Manufacturers : Realtek Semiconductor

Image :

RTD2270L datasheet


Description :

This is Flat Panel Display Controller.

Features :

1. Embedded DDC with DDC1/2B/CI

2. Embedded one MCU with SPI flash controller.

3. Require only one crystal to generate all timing.

4. Programmable internal low-voltage-reset (LVR)

5. High resolution 6 channels PWM output, and wide range selectable PWM frequency.

6. Support input format up to FHD

7. Embedded BJT control circuit for 1.2V regulator replacement


Color Processor :

1. True 10 bits color processing engine

2. sRGB compliance

3. Advanced dithering logic for 18-bit panel color depth enhancement

4. Brightness and contrast control

5. Programmable 10-bit gamma support

Other data sheets within the file : RTD2270L-CG, RTD2280L, RTD2280L-CG

RTD2270L Datasheet PDF Download

RTD2270L pdf

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UDN6118 Datasheet – Display Driver – Allegro ( PDF )

Part Number : UDN6118, UDN6118A


Package : DIP 18 Pin Type

Manufactures : Allegro MicroSystems

Image and Pinout :

UDN6118 Datasheet

Description :

Consisting of eight npn Darlington output stages and the associated common-emitter input stages, these drivers are designed to interface between low-level digital logic and vacuum fluorescent displays. Both devices are capable of driving the digits and/or segments of these displays and are designed to permit all outputs to be activated simultaneously. Pull-down resistors are incorporated into each output and no external components are required for most fluorescent display applications.

Circuit :

UDN6118 Circuit

Features :

1. Digit or Segment Drivers
2. Low Input Current
3. Integral Output Pull-Down Resistors
4. High Output Breakdown Voltage
5. Single or Split Supply Operation
6. Automotive Capable

UDN6118 Datasheet


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