1088AS Datasheet PDF – 8×8 Dot Matrix LED Display

Part Number: 1088AS

Function: 3mm, 8×8 Dot Matrix LED Display

Package: Module Tyoe Pin

Manufacturer: OASIS


1088AS LED 8X8 Matrix


Each matrix has 128 LEDs (64 Red & 64 Green) however there is noticeably not 256 leads. Instead the LEDs are wired into a matrix. This matrix has the LED’s anodes connected across rows (8 pins) then the red and green LED’s cathodes  attached across columns (8 pins each). To light an LED connect it’s rows anode  to +5volts, and through a resistor, it’s columns cathode to ground. (you can try this without a micro-controller)


1. RoHS: Yes
2. Emitted Colour: Red
3. Face Color: Black
4. Type: Row Cathode Column Anode
5. Wavelength : 625 ~ 630nm
6. Forward Voltage : 2.1V ~ 2.5V
7. Forward Current: 20mA
8. Dimesions: 32mm x 32mm x 8.0mm


1088AS datasheet pins arduino

1088AS Datasheet PDF Download


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HG1223204C-VB Datasheet PDF – Display ( 122*32 Dots )

Part Number: HG1223204C-VB

Function:  LCD DISPLAY Module / 122*32 Dots

Pins : 18 Pin type

Manufacturer: HT Display, Huayun Display

HG1223204C-VB datasheet


The HG1223204C-VB is 122*32 Dots LCD Display Module.

An LCD (liquid crystal display) module is a type of display used in electronic devices to display information such as text and images. It consists of a glass or plastic panel with a liquid crystal solution between two transparent electrodes. The liquid crystals are controlled by electrical signals to align and block light, creating the desired images on the screen. LCD modules are widely used in consumer electronics such as smartphones, televisions, computer monitors, and other digital devices due to their low power consumption, compact size, and clear display quality. They are also relatively inexpensive compared to other types of displays, making them a popular choice for many applications.


1. 122*32 dot

2. PCB size (LxWxH) : 80*36*13.5

3. VA size (WxH) : 59.8*17.9

4. Dot Size : 0.40*0.45

5. Controller : SBN1661

6. Pins : 18PIN

7. BL Color : LED,Y-G

8. LCD Mode : STN, Y-G

9. Function Decription ( 1. V0 Ground , 2. VDD=VLED=5.0V )



Other data sheets are available within the file: HG1223204C, HG1223204C-YF62L-VB

HG1223204C-VB Datasheet PDF Download

HG1223204C-VB pdf