DLPC6401 Datasheet – DLP Display Controller

Part Number : DLPC6401

Function : DLP Display Controller for High-brightness Portable Displays

Package : BGA (419) Type

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

DLPC6401 datasheet

Description :

The DLPC6401 digital controller, part of the DLP 0.45 WXGA chipset, provides reliable operation of the 0.45 WXGA DMD and is designed for high brightness portable projection display applications.

The device provides a convenient interface between user electronics and the DMD, incorporating edge adaptive de-interlacing, illumination control, data re-formatting required by the DMD, and a 64 Mbit internal DRAM for DMD frame data which eliminates the need for an external high-speed data memory. The result is high image quality in a small board area, thus enabling low-cost projectors for a wide range of applications, including mobile cinema, mobile gaming, enterprise projectors, set-top boxes, notebook accessories and docking stations, and wearable displays.

The device is one component of the DLP 0.45 WXGA chipset. For information regarding the other components of the chipset, contact your TI representative.

Other data sheets within the file : DLPC6401ZFF

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