RJH60F5DPQ-A0 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : RJH60F5DPQ-A0
Function : 600V – 40A – IGBT, High Speed Power Switching
Manufacturers : Renesas Electronics

Pinouts :
RJH60F5DPQ-A0 datasheet

Description :

–  Low collector to emitter saturation voltage
      Vce(sat)= 1.37 V typ. (Ic= 40A, Vge= 15 V, Ta = 25°C)
*  Built in fast recovery diode in one package
*  Trench gate and thin wafer technology
*  High speed switching
    tr= 85 ns typ. (at IC= 30 A, VCE= 400 V, VGE= 15 V, Rg = 5 , Ta = 25°C, inductive load)

RJH60F5DPQ-A0 Datasheet PDF Download

RJH60F5DPQ-A0 pdf

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GS-SH-205T PDF – 5V, DPDP Relay – Rapid

Part Number : GS-SH-205T

Function : 5V, DPDP Relay

Pakcage : DIP 8 Pin

Manufactures : Good Sky Electric

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Description :

DATA SHEET Best Sellers Order code 60-4690 60-4690 60-4692 60-4694 Manufacturer code GS-SH-205D GS-SH-205D GS-SH212D GS-SH-224D Description 5V GS-D SERIES 1A DPDT RELAY (RC) 5V GS-D SERIES 1A DPDT RELAY (RC) 12V GS-D SERIES 1A DPDT RELAY RC 24V GS-D SERIES 1A DPDT RELAY RC Best Sellers The enclosed information is believed to be correct, Information may change ‘ without notice’ due to product improvement. Users should ensure that the product is suitable for their use. E. & O. E. Sales: 01206 751166 Sales@rapidelec.co.uk Technical: 01206 835555 Tech@rapidelec.co.uk Page 1 of Revision A 20/02/2007 3 Fax: 01206 751188 www.rapidonline.com GS Main Feature 1. 92/8 gold silver alloy on silver palladium contact type is suitable for low level switching application. 2. Small size and light weight can provide high density P.C. Board mounting. 3. 2.54gmm Terminal Pitch. 4. Low Coil Power Consumption of GS-T Type and high Coil Power Consumption of GS-D type are available to meet user’s selection. 5. Employment of suitable plastic materials to be applied to high temperature and various chemical solution. 6. Plastic epoxy resin sealed type for washing procedure. Application Telecommunication, domestic appliances, office machine, audio equipment, Remote Control, etc. Contact Rating Nominal Load (Resistive Load Cosφ=1) Contact Capacity ..1A at 120VAC. 2A at 24VDC. Rated Carrying Current 2A. Max. Allowable Current …2A. Max. Allowable Voltage AC 120V, DC 24V. Max. Allowable Power Force.50 VA, 30W. Min. Switching Load .DC 1V, 1mA. Contact Material Ag Alloy. Contact Form ..DPDT. Max. On/Off Switching : Electrical .. 30 Ops per Minute. Mechanical .. 300 Ops per Minute. Temperature Range -30〜80°C Humidity Range . 45〜85% RH. Coil Temperature Rise 25°C Max. (D Type) 20°C Max. (T Type) Vibration : Endurance … 10 to 55 Hz dual amplitude width 1.5mm. Error Operation .. 10 to 55 Hz dual amplitude width 1.5mm. Shock : Endurance . 1,000 m/S2 Min. Error Operation .. 100 m/S2 Min. Life Expectancy : Mechanical 107 Operations at No Load condition. Electrical 105 Operations at Rated Resistive Load. Weight . About 5.0 g. Performance (at Initial Value) Contact Resistance 100mΩMax.@100mA,6VDC Operate Time .GS-D 6 mSec. Max. GS-T 8 mSec. Max Release Time ..4 mSec. Max. Dielectric Strength : Between Coil & Contact 1,000VAC at 50/60 Hz for one minute. Between Contacts ..500VAC at 50/60 Hz for one minute. Surge Resistance .1,500V (bet […]

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GS-SH-205T Datasheet