AN7062 PDF Datasheet – Pre-driver of 60W-class Hi-Fi Audio Amp

This post explains for the semiconductor AN7062.

The Part Number is AN7062. The Package is DIP 18 Pin Type.

The function of this semiconductor is High Voltage Input Amplifier Circuit.

Manufacturers : Panasonic

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Description :

The AN7062 is a high voltage integrated circuit designed for pre-driver of 60W-class Hi-Fi audio amp.
Stereo operation is enabled due to two amplifiers built-in.


1. High voltage
2. Low noise : Vni = 2.5μV (typ.)
3. Low distortion : THD = 0.003% (typ.)
4. Good channel separation
5. Wide operating supply voltage range

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AN7062 PDF Datasheet

TDA2620 Datasheet PDF – TV Display Tube Driver (DIP16)

Part Number : TDA2620

Function : IC – Integrated Circuit Power-supply

Package : DIP 16 pin Type

Manufacturers : Philips Electronics

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TDA2620 datasheet

Description :

TV Display Tube Driver

Similar : SN29848, SN29848N, SN29848AN (Texas Instruments)

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TDA2620 data

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Other data sheets within the file : TDA-2620

TDA2620 Datasheet PDF Download

TDA2620 pdf