AIC1117A-33CT Datasheet PDF – 3.3V, Low Dropout Adjustable Regulator

Part Number : AIC1117A-33CT

Function : 1A, Low Dropout Positive Adjustable Regulator

Package : TO-220, TO-252, TO-263, SOT-223 Type

Manufacturers : Analog Intergrations

Pinouts :

AIC1117A-33CT datasheet


Description :

The AIC1117A is a  low dropout three terminal regulator with 1A output current capability. The output voltage is adjustable with the use of a resistor divider or fixed 2.85V, 3.3V, 5V. Dropout is guaranteed at a maximum of 1.5V at maximum output current. Its low dropout voltage and fast transient response make it ideal for low voltage microprocessor applications. Internal current and thermal limiting provides protection against any overload condition that would create excessive junction temperatures.


1. Dropout Voltage 1.3V at 1A Output Current.
2. Fast Transient Response.
3. Line Regulation typically at 0.015%.
4. Load Regulation typically at 0.1%.
5. Internal Thermal and Current Limiting.


1. Post Regulator for Switching Supply.
2. Active SCSI Termination.
3. Battery Chargers.
4. Constant-Current Regulators.
5. Motherboard Clock Supplies.


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AIC1117A-33CT Datasheet PDF Download

AIC1117A-33CT pdf


24M10A Datasheet PDF – 10V, Low Dropout Voltage Regulator

Part Number : 24M10A

Function : Low Dropout Voltage Regulator

Package : TO-220 Type

Manufacturers : NEC ( Renesas Technology )

Pinouts :

24M10A datasheet


Description :

µPC24M00A Series are low dropout regulators which have 500 mA capable for output current. These ICs are built-in the saturation protection circuit of the output transistor.


1. Built-in the saturaiton protection circuit of the output transistor.
2. The capability of output current is 500 mA.
3. High accuracy of output voltage
4. Low dropout voltage.
5. Built-in overcurrent protection circuit, thermal shut-down circuit.
6. Built-in Safe Operating Area protection circuit.
7. Compatible for mPC24M00 Series.

Absolute maximum ratings

1. Input Voltage : VIN = 36 V
2. Internal Power Dissipation : PT = 15 W

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24M12A, 24M15A, 24M18A, 24M06A, uPC24M10AHF, PC24M10AHF

24M10A Datasheet PDF Download

24M10A pdf