2N5045 Datasheet – 50V, Dual N-Channel JFET

Part Number : 2N5045

Function : Monolithic Dual N-Channel JFET

Package : TO-71 Type

Manufacturers : Siliconix, National Semiconductor


2N5045 datasheet JFET

Description :

1. Minumum System Error and Calibration : 5 mV Offset Maximum
2. Low Drift : 5 mV Drift Maximum

Absolute Maximum Ratings ( 25’C )

1. Gate-Drain or Gate-Source Voltage : – 50V
2. Forward Gate Current : 30 mA
3. Total Dissipation : 400 mW
4. Power Derating ( to 175’C) : 2.67 mW/’C
5. Storage Temperature Rage : -65 to +200’C


2N5045 pinout transistor


2N5045 Datasheet PDF Download

2N5045 pdf




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NJM4580 Datasheet PDF – Dual Operational Amplifier

Part Number : NJM4580


Package : DIP, DMP, SOP, SSOP, MSOP, SIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Japan Radio Corporation

Image and Pinouts :

NJM4580 datasheet


Description :

The NJM4580 is a dual operational amplifier, specially designed for improving the tone control, which is most suitable for the audio application.

Featuring noiseless, higher gain bandwidth, high output current and low distortion ratio, and it is most suitable not only for acoustic electronic parts of audio pre-amp and active filter, but also for the industrial measurement tools.

It is also suitable for the head phone amp at higher output current, and further more, it can be applied for the handy type set operational amplifier of general purpose in application of low voltage single supply type which is properly biased of the low voltage source. The D-Rank type products (NJM4580DD / NJM4580LD / NJM4580MD / NJM4580ED) have specified maximum limits for equivalent input noise voltage.

Features :

1. Operating Voltage  ±2V~±18V

2. Low Input Noise Voltage  0.8µVrms typ. (RIAA)

3. Wide GBW  15MHz typ.

4. Low Distortion  0.0005%typ.

5. Slew Rate  5V/µs typ.


NJM4580 Datasheet PDF Download

NJM4580 pdf

Other data sheets within the file : NJM4580D, NJM4580E, NJM4580L, NJM4580M