APL5551 Datasheet PDF – Dual Channel Regulator

Part Number : APL5551

Function : Dual Channel 500mA/500mA Regulator + Reset IC

Package : SOP-8 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Anpec Electronics

Pinouts :

APL5551 datasheet


Description :

The APL5551 is a dual-channel regulator with reset function (specific voltage monitoring), and internal delay circuit, set to detect 3.9V. Maximum input voltage is 6V, and both output1 and output2 can deliver up to 450mA. The typical dropout voltage of both channel is 500mV at 500mA loading. Design with an internal P-channel MOSFET pass transistor , the APL5551 maintains  a low  supply curr ent . Other feat ures include, thermal-shutdown protecti on,  current limit protection to ensure specified output current. The APL5551 comes in miniature SOP-8 and OP-8-P packages.


1. Low Quiescent Current : 110µA  (No load)
2. Low Dropout Voltage  :
(1) VDROP1 = 450mV @ 500mA
(2) VDROP2 = 500mV @ 500mA
3. Fixed Output Voltage :
(1) VOUT1 = 3.3V/500mA
(2) VOUT2 = 2.8V/500mA
4. Stable  with 4.7mF  Output  Ca pacitor
5. Stable  with  Aluminum,  Tantalum  or  Ceramic Capacitors
6. Built  in  Thermal  Protection
7. Fast  Transient Response
8. Short  Setting  Time
9. SOP-8, SOP-8-P  with  Thermal Pad Packages
10. Adjustment-free  Reset  Detection  Voltage :3.9V  typ
11. Easy  to Set  Delay  Time from  Voltage Detection to Reset Release
12. Lead Free Available (RoHS Compliant)


Optical Storage System

Other data sheets within the file : APL5551K, APL5551KA

APL5551 Datasheet PDF Download

APL5551 pdf


NC7WZ14 Datasheet PDF – Dual Inverter

Part Number : NC7WZ14

Function : TinyLogic TM UHS Dual Inverter with Schmitt Trigger Inputs

Package : 6-Lead Type

Manufacturers : Fairchild Semiconductor

Pinouts :

NC7WZ14 datasheet


Description :

The NC7WZ14 is a dual inverter with Schmitt trigger input from Fairchilds Ultra-High Speed (UHS) Series of TinyLogic® in the space saving SC70 6-lead package.

The device is fabricated with advanced CMOS technology to achieve ultra-high speed with high output drive while maintaining low static power dissipation over a very broad VCC operating range.

The device is specified to operate over the 1.65V to 5.5V VCC range. The inputs and outputs are high-impedance when VCC is 0V. Inputs tolerate voltages up to 7V independent of VCC operating voltage.

Schmitt trigger inputs achieve typically 1V hysteresis between the positive-and negative-going input threshold voltage at 5V.


1. Space saving SC70 6-lead package
2. Ultra small MicroPak leadless package
3. Power down high impedance inputs/outputs
4. Patented noise/EMI reduction circuitry implemented

Other data sheets within the file :  NC7WZ14EP6X, NC7WZ14FHX, NC7WZ14L6X, NC7WZ14P6

NC7WZ14 Datasheet PDF Download

NC7WZ14 pdf