A3213EUA-T Datasheet PDF – Hall-Effect Switch

Part Number : A3213EUA-T

Function : Micropower Ultra-Sensitive Hall-Effect Switches

Package : SIP, SOT23-W Type

Manufacturers : Allegro MicroSystems

Image :

A3213EUA-T datasheet


Description :

The A3213 and A3214 integrated circuits are ultra-sensitive, pole-independent Hall-effect switches with a latched digital output. They are especially suited for operation in batteryoperated, hand-held equipment such as cell and cordless telephones and palmtop computers.



1. AEC-Q100 automotive qualified
2. Micropower operation
3. Operate with north or south pole
4. 2.4 to 5.5 V battery operation
5. Chopper stabilized
(1) Superior temperature stability
(2) Extremely low switchpoint drift
(3) Insensitive to physical stress

6. High ESD protection
7. Solid-state reliability
8. Small size
9. Easily assembly into applications due to magnetic pole independence

Other data sheets within the file : A3213EUA, A3214EUA-T, A3213ELHLT-T,

A3213, A3214, A3213LUA-T, A3214ELHLX-T.

A3213EUA-T Datasheet PDF Download

A3213EUA-T pdf


P2503NPG Datasheet – Field Effect Transistor – NIKO-SEM

Part Number : P2503NPG

Function : N- & P-Channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor

Package : DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufactures : NIKO-SEM ( www.niko-sem.com )


P2503NPG FET Niko sem


1. Drain-Source Voltage VDS = 30, -30 V
2. Gate-Source Voltage VGS = ±20, ±20 V
3. Continuous Drain Current, Pulsed Drain Current, Avalanche Current



P2503NPG datasheet pinout



P2503NPG Datasheet


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