FPL27 Datasheet – Solid EMI Core – Kemet ( PDF )

Part Number : FPL27

Function : EMI Core / ESD-FPL Series Solid Cores for Flat Cables

Manufacturers : KEMET

Image and Pinouts :

FPL27 datasheet


Description :

The KEMET ESD-FPL Series solid cores are designed for use on flat cable. A wide range of sizes and shapes are available.


1. Solid construction
2. Thin and Minimal Gap types available


1. Consumer electronics

Turns and Impedance Characteristics

When the desired performance of an EMI core cannot be obtained with a single pass through the core, the impedance characteristics can be changed with multiple turns.

A turn is counted by the number of lead-wire windings which pass through the inner hole of the core. Windings on the outside of the core do not count.


Core Material and Effective Frequency Range :

There are two ferrite material options for KEMET EMI Cores: Nickel-Zinc (Ni-Zn) and
Manganese-Zinc (Mn-Zn). Each core material has a different resistance and effective
frequency range. The Mn-Zn core material has lower resistance compared to the Ni-Zn; therefore, be sure to provide adequate insulation before use.


FPL27 Datasheet PDF Download

FPL27 pdf

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This post describes for the semiconductor NFM41R11C222.

The Part Number is NFM41R11C222.

The function of this semiconductor is CHIP EMI SUPPRESSION FILTER.

The manufacturer of this part is Murata.

See the preview image and the PDF file for more information.

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NFM41R11C222 datasheet pinout

Description :

The chip solid EMIFILâ NFM40R/NFM41R series is a chip type 3-terminal EMI suppression filter. It can reduce residual inductance to an extremely low level making it excellent for noise suppression at high frequencies. An electrostatic capacitance range of 22pF to 22000pF enables suppression of noise at specific frequencies. (The array type NFA series is also available.)


1. The series is compact and thin : th0.7mm and 1.0mm.
2. The filter offers a high level of noise suppression.
3. The filter has excellent high-frequency characteristics.


1. EMI suppression in various electronic equipment
2. EMI suppression of AC signal lines and DC power lines
3. Severe EMI suppression and high impedance circuits such as digital circuits

(Please specify the part number when ordering)
1. Type
2. Class No.
3. Circuit Composition
4. Characteristics
5. Packaging Code T1 : Taped, B1 : Bulk package

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NFM41R11C222 pdf schematic

NFM41R11C222 Datasheet