AQ2A2-C2-T5VDC Datasheet – Solid State Relay

Part Number : AQ2A2-C2-T5VDC

Function : Solid State Relay

Package : SIP 4 Pin

Manufacturers : Panasonic Corporation

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AQ2A2-C2-T5VDC datasheet


Description :

SIL type SSR with 9mm thickness controls up to 3A

Features :

1. Slim with 9 mm .354 inchthickness
The thin type (45 mm long ×24 mm high ×9 mm wide) (1.772×.945×.354 inch) permits high density mounting.

2. Excellent in noise resistance
Since the input and output are insulated by the phototriac coupler, the noise on
the output side is not fed back to the input side.

3. Snubber circuit integrated
The snubber circuit is integrated to prevent malfunction caused by the rapid rise of the voltage on the output side, such as inductive load and noise

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AQ2A2-C2-T5VDC Datasheet PDF Download

AQ2A2-C2-T5VDC pdf


FS-N10 PDF – Digital Fiber Sensor Manual – Keyence

Part Number : FS-N10

Function : Digital Fiber Sensor Instruction Manual

Package : Module type

Manufactures : Keyence

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FS-N10 image

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Description :

Digital Fiber Sensor FS-N10 Series Instruction Manual 96M00603 Danger Failure to follow these instructions may lead to death or serious injury. Warning Caution Failure to follow these instructions may lead to injury. Failure to follow these instructions may lead to product damage (product malfunction, etc.) Note Provides additional information on proper operations that can be easily mistaken. Note This provides tips about situations in which the feature being described is useful. Tip See “FS-N10 Series User’s Manual” for details on the features of the FS-N10 series and detailed instructions for configuration. Hints on Correct Use Warning • This product is used to detect targets. Do not apply the product to safety circuits for human protection. • This product is not of explosion-proof construction. Do not use the products in places with flammable gas, liquid, or dust. • This product is a sensor of DC power supply type. Do not apply AC power. The product may explode or burn if an AC voltage is applied. • Do not wire the amplifier line along with power lines or high-tension lines, otherwise the sensor may malfunction or receive damage due to noise. • When using a commercially available switching regulator, ground the frame ground terminal and ground terminal. • Do not use the FS series outdoors, or in a place where extraneous light can enter the lightreceiving surface directly. • Due to the individual dispersion of characteristics and the difference in fiber unit model, the maximum sensing distance or displayed value of all the units are not the same. • If the sensor is used in S-APC mode for a long time, the LED indicators will be imposed with a heavy load. In that case, the sensor will be automatically set to ACC mode where the current consumption of the sensor for light emission will be constant, and “END APC” will be displayed. The sensor can be continuously used in this case. Replace the sensor, however, if highly precise detection is required. „ About UL Certification The FS-N series is UL and C-UL certified, and is compliant with the UL and CSA standards. • Applicable standards UL508 Industrial Control Equipment CAN/CSA C22.2 No.14-M05 Industrial Control Equipment • UL File No. E301717 • UL categories: NRKH, NRKH7 • Enclosure Type 1 (based on UL50 standard) „ Notes on UL Certification • The power source used with the FS-N series must be UL Listing certified for Class 2 output as stipulated by US National Electric Code (NEC) NFPA70. • Connect the FS-N12 and N14 to the FS-N11 and N13 main units for use. Included accessories • Instruction Manual 1pc. • Fiber cutter 1pc. FS-N10 Series Quick Start and Cabling „ Quick Start Fine sensitivity adjustment Up Down Output switch Press the [MODE] button once, then use to select L-on or D-on Setting value Light intensity Sensitivity setting Preset function Configure easily with a single press when receiving light Power select switch *1 Press once ea […]

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FS-N10 Datasheet