AM29F800BB-150 Datasheet PDF – 8 Megabit Flash Memory

Part Number : AM29F800BB-150

Function : 8 Megabit (1 M x 8-Bit/512 K x 16-Bit) CMOS 5.0 Volt-only, Boot Sector Flash Memory

Package : 44-pin SO, 48-pin TSOP Type

Manufacturers : Advanced Micro Devices

Pinouts :

AM29F800BB-150 datasheet

Description :

The Am29F800B is an 8 Mbit, 5.0 volt-only Flash memory organized as 1,048,576 bytes or 524,288 words. The device is offered in 44-pin SO and 48-pin TSOP packages. The word-wide data (x16) appears on DQ15–DQ0; the byte-wide (x8) data appears on DQ7–DQ0. This device is designed to be programmed in system with the standard system 5.0 volt VCCsupply. A 12.0 V VPPis not required for write or erase operations. The device can also be programmed in standard EPROM programmers.


1. Single power supply operation
(1) 5.0 Volt-only operation for read, erase, and program operations
(2) Minimizes system level requirements
2. Manufactured on 0.35 μm process technology
(1) Compatible with 0.5 μm Am29F800 device
3. High performance
(1) Access times as fast as 55 ns

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AM29F800BB-150 Datasheet PDF Download

AM29F800BB-150 pdf

29LV160CBTC-90G Datasheet PDF – 16Mbit, Flash Memory

Part Number : 29LV160CBTC-90G


Package : 48 Pin TSOP

Manufacturers : Macronix International ( )

Pinouts :

29LV160CBTC-90G datasheet


Description :

The MX29LV160C T/B is a 16-mega bit Flash memory organized as 2M bytes of 8 bits or 1M words of 16 bits. MXIC’s Flash memories offer the most cost-effective and reliable read/write non-volatile random access memory. The MX29LV160C T/B is packaged in 44-pin SOP, 48-pin TSOP and 48-ball CSP. It is designed to be reprogrammed and erased in system or in standard EPROM programmers.


1. Extended single – supply voltage range 2.7V to 3.6V
2. 2,097,152 x 8/1,048,576 x 16 switchable
3. Single power supply operation
(1)  3.0V only operation for read, erase and program operation

4. Fully compatible with MX29LV160B device
5. Fast access time: 55R/70/90ns

6. Low power consumption
(1) 30mA maximum active current
(2)  0.2uA typical standby current

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29LV160CBTC-90G Datasheet PDF Download

29LV160CBTC-90G pdf