H9TQ17ABJTMC Datasheet – 16GB, NAND Flash Memory

Part Number : H9TQ17ABJTMC

Function : 16GB eNAND(x8) Flash / 16Gb (x32) LPDDR3

Package :  221Ball FBGA Type

Manufacturers : SK hynix


H9TQ17ABJTMC datasheet memory

SK hynix e-NAND consists of NAND flash and MMC controller. e-NAND has the built-in intelligent controller which manages interface protocols, wear leveling, bad block management, garbage collection, and ECC. e-NAND protects the data contents from the host sudden power off failure. e-NAND is compatible with JEDEC standard eMMC5.0 specification.


1. e-NAND

(1) eMMC5.0 compatible (Backward compatible to eMMC4.5)
(2) Bus mode
– Data bus width : 1 bit(default), 4 bits, 8 bits
– Data transfer rate: up to 400MB/s (HS400)
– MMC I/F Clock frequency : 0~200MHz
– MMC I/F Boot frequency : 0~52MHz


(1) VDD1 = 1.8V (1.7V to 1.95V)
(2) VDD2, VDDCA and VDDQ = 1.2V (1.14V to 1.30)
(3) HSUL_12 interface (High Speed Unterminated Logic 1.2V)

Ordering Information

H9TQ17ABJTMC order information

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H9TQ17ABJTMC Datasheet


25LV512 Datasheet PDF – 512 Kbit, Serial Flash Memory

Part Number : 25LV512

Function : 1 Mbit 3.0 Volt-only, Serial Flash Memory With 25 MHz SPI Bus Interface

Package :8-pin JEDEC SOIC, 8-contact WSON Type

Manufacturers : PMC ( Programmable Microelectronics Corp )

Images :

25LV512 datasheet

Description :

The Pm25LV512/010 are 512 Kbit/1 Mbits 3.0 Volt-only serial Flash memories. These devices are designed to use a single low voltage, range from 2.7 Volt to 3.6 Volt, power supply to perform read, erase and program operations. The devices can be programmed in standard EPROM programmers as well.

Pinout :

25LV512 pinout memory


1. Single Power Supply Operation : Low voltage range: 2.7 V – 3.6 V
2. Memory Organization : 64K x 8 (512 Kbit)
3. High Performance Read : 25 MHz clock rate (maximum)
4. Single Cycle Reprogramming for Status Register : Build-in erase before programming


Other data sheets within the file : Pm25LV512, Pm25LV010, 25LV010

25LV512 Datasheet PDF


25LV512 pdf