WMF128K8-XCLX5 Datasheet – 128Kx8 Monolithic NOR Flash

Part Number: WMF128K8-XCLX5

Function: 1Mb – 128Kx8 Monolithic NOR Flash (SMD 5962-96690)

Package: CLCC 32 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Microsemi Corporation


WMF128K8-XCLX5 datasheet



1. Access Times of 50*, 60, 70, 90, 120, 150ns

2. Packaging:  32 pin, Rectangular Ceramic Leadless Chip Carrier (Package 601)

3. 100,000 Erase/Program Cycles Minimum

4. 2.5V I/O (SSTL_2 compatible)

5. Sector Erase Architecture

6. 8 equal size sectors of 16KBytes each

7. Any combination of sectors can be concurrently erased. Also supports full chip erase

8. Organized as 128Kx8

9. Commercial, Industrial and Military Temperature Ranges

10. 5 Volt Programming

11. Low Power CMOS

12. Embedded Erase and Program Algorithms

13. TTL Compatible Inputs and CMOS Outputs

14. Page Program Operation and Internal Program Control Time.

15. The access time of 50ns is available in industrial and commercial temperature ranges only.


WMF128K8-XCLX5 Datasheet PDF Download

WMF128K8-XCLX5 pdf

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AM29DL800B Datasheet PDF – 8 Mbit, 3V, Flash Memory

Part Number: AM29DL800B

Function: 8 Megabit CMOS 3.0 volt-only, simultaneous operation flash memory

Package: 44 pin SO, 48 pin TSSOP, 48 Pin FBGA

Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices


AM29DL800B datasheet



The Am29DL800B is an 8 Mbit, 3.0 volt-only flash memory device, organized as 524,288 words or 1,048,576 bytes. The device is offered in 44-pin SO, 48-pin TSOP, and 48-ball FBGA packages.

The word wide (x16) data appears on DQ0–DQ15; the byte-wide (x8) data appears on DQ0–DQ7. This device requires only a single 3.0 volt VCCsupply to perform read, program, and erase operations. A standard EPROM programmer can also be used to program and erase the device.

This device is manufactured using AMD’s 0.35 µm process technology, and offers all the features and benefits of the Am29DL800, which was manufactured using a 0.5 µm technology.


The device offers complete compatibility with the JEDEC single-power-supply Flash command set
standard. Commands are written to the command register using standard microprocessor write timings. Register contents serve as input to an internal state machine that controls the erase and programming circuitry. Write cycles also internally latch addresses and data needed for the programming and erase operations. Reading data out of the device is similar to reading from other Flash or EPROM devices

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AM29DL800B Datasheet PDF Download

AM29DL800B pdf