NAS1149 Datasheet PDF – Flat Washer ( Military Spec )

What is NAS1149?

This is a kind of Flat Washers. It is a specification for flat washers used in aerospace applications. The specification outlines the requirements for the physical characteristics, materials, dimensions, and performance of these washers. Specifically, NAS1149 washers are designed to provide a load distribution surface between the head of a fastener and the material being fastened, such as a structural panel or other component.

Function: Washers Aircraft ( NAS-1149 Series, Replaces AN960 Series )

Manufacturer: Genuine Aircraft Hardware

Image :
NAS1149 image


In addition to the NAS1149 specification, there are other specifications and standards that govern the use of washers in aerospace applications, such as MIL-STD-3003 and NAS3350. These standards ensure that the washers used in aerospace applications meet the highest quality and performance standards to ensure the safety and reliability of the aircraft or spacecraft.


1. Remove all burrs and sharp edges.
2. Dimensions in inches and apply after finish unless otherwise specified.

3. Surface roughness shall be 125 microinches Ra per asme B46.1

NAS1149 datasheet pdf


NAS1149 Datasheet PDF


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WT61P8 Datasheet – Microcontroller for Flat Panel Display

Part Number: WT61P8

Manufacturer: Weltrend Semiconductor

Function: Microcontroller for Flat Panel Display Control Sub-MCU

Package: LQFP 44 Pin, LQFP 48 Pin



The WT61P8 is a microcontroller for flat panel display control and power management with 1) Turbo 8052 CPU, 2) 64K bytes flash memory, 3) 1K+256 bytes SRAM, 4) 8 8-bit PWMs, 5) DPMS detector(2 H/V inputs, Support H+V input) , 6) 4 timers and 2 UART Ports, 7) 2 DDC/CI interface, 8) Slave I2C interface, 9) 8 channel 8-bit A/D converter, 10) Real Time Clock, 11) Watch-dog timer, 12) Embedded ISP function, 13) Power down mode, 14) Embedded ICE mode. 15) H/W CEC



1. Embedded Turbo 8052 CPU
• Normal operation mode: 12MHz, 6MHz, 3MHz, 1MHz or 24MHz, 12MHz, 6MHz, 2MHz (Selectable
Clock Sources)
• Instruction execution time : Min. =250ns at OSC=12Mhz
2. Memory:
• RAM: 1K+256 Bytes
• Flash memory : 64K Bytes
3. 4 similar 8052 timers: Timer0, Timer1, Timer2, Timer3
4. 2 similar 8052 UART ports, support baud rate 115200 – 1200 at OSC = 12MHz
5. Sync processor for monitoring DPMS (support 2 H/V inputs, Support H+V inputs) wake up signal.
6. 8-bit A/D converter with 8 selectable inputs, shared with IO pin
7. 8 8-bit PWM pin output (One low frequency PWM at 150Hz for dimmer control)
8. Support 2 DDC/CI interface


Reference Site

WT61P8 Datasheet


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