TEA5767 Datasheet – FM Stereo Radio Chip ( PDF )

Part Number : TEA5767, TEA5767HN

Function : Low-power FM stereo radio for handheld applications

Package :  HVQFN40 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Philips Semiconductor, NXP Semiconductor


Description :

The TEA5767 is a single-chip electronically tuned FM stereo radio for low-voltage applications with fully integrated Intermediate Frequency (IF) selectivity and demodulation. The radio is completely adjustment-free and only requires a minimum of small and low cost external components. The radio can be tuned to the European, US, and Japanese FM bands.



1. High sensitivity due to integrated low-noise RF input amplifier
2. FM mixer for conversion to IF of the US/Europe (87.5 MHz to 108 MHz) and Japanese (76 MHz to 91 MHz) FM band
3. Preset tuning to receive Japanese TV audio up to 108 MHz
4. RF Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuit
5. LC tuner oscillator operating with low cost fixed chip inductors
6. FM IF selectivity performed internally
7. No external discriminator needed due to fully integrated FM demodulator
8. Crystal reference frequency oscillator; the oscillator operates with a 32.768 kHz clock crystal or with a 13 MHz crystal and with an externally applied 6.5 MHz reference frequency


TEA5767 Datasheet PDF Download


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HA1137W PDF Datasheet – FM IF System

The Part Number is HA1137W.

The function of this semiconductor is FM IF System.

Package : DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Hitachi

Preview images :

1 page
HA1137W image

Description :

The Hitachi HA1137W is a monolithic integrated circuit developed for the FM IF system in a Hi-Fi stereo tuner set. It includes all those functions necessary for a FM IF housed in a 16-lead, dual-in-line plastic package. The block diagram shows that the input signal is fed to a three-stage FM IF amplifier/limiter configuration and to a three-stage detector for a tuning meter driver. […]

2 page

Features :

1. IF Amplifier

2. Quadrature Detector

3. Low-noise AF Preamplifier

3. Tuning Meter Circuit

HA1137W Datasheet

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