HR10-7R-4SC Datasheet – Push-Pull Connector

Part Number : HR10-7R-4SC

Function : Push-Pull Connector

Manufacturers : HIROSE ELECTRIC

Pinouts :

HR10-7R-4SC datasheet

Description :

The most compact HR10 series is as slender as a cigarette but it fits every application with well-balanced, simplified
layout in limited space.
One touch “push-pull” coupling mechanism assures easy and quick connecting and disconnecting. You can couple it
accurately just by pushing any part of the connector housing.
3. Polarization
Five-key system permits only one way of coupling so that you can find right position to connect even when blind mating.
4. Protection of connection pin
A connector pin is located to avoid any damage which may be caused when blind mating.
5. High density
The space-saving “push-pull” mechanism facilitates multi-installation of connectors.
6. Easy wiring and mounting
No use of screws makes wireing and mounting easier.

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