DO3316P-103 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : DO3316P-103

Function : SMT Power Inductors – DO3316P Series

Manufacturers : Coilcraft Inc

Image :

DO3316P-103 datasheet


Description :

1. High energy storage and very low resistance
2. High inductance values are perfect for EL driver applications.


1. Designer’s Kit C378contains 3 of each 20% part
2. Core material Ferrite
3. Core and winding loss See
4. Terminations RoHS compliant gold over nickel over phos bronze. Other terminations available at additional cost.
5 Weight : 0.92 – 1.23 g
6 Ambient temperature –40°C to +85°C with Irms current, +85°C to +125°C with derated current
7 Storage temperature Component : –40°C to +125°C.

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DO3316P-103 Datasheet PDF Download

DO3316P-103 pdf


ELJ-QF6N8JF Datasheet PDF

Part Number : ELJ-QF6N8JF

Function : Fixed Inductors (Chip Inductors)

Manufacturers : Panasonic Corporation

Images :

ELJ-QF6N8JF datasheet


Description :

1. High frequency capability due to its non magnetic core.
2. Capable of being Re-fl ow or fl ow soldered.
3. Unique Ceramic Core / Laser-cut Technology.
4. Non polarity product.
5. High self resonance frequency.
6. Good for mounting.
7. RoHS compliant

Recommended Applications
1. RF circuitry for cellular phones and wireless communication equipment.

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ELJ-QF6N8JF Datasheet PDF Download