LLM2520 PDF Datasheet – Wire Wound Chip Inductor

This post explains for the Chip Inductor.

The Part Number is LLM2520.

The function of this semiconductor is Wire Wound Chip Inductor.

Manufacturer: TOKO

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LLM2520 pdf inductor


The LLM2520 is Wire Wound Chip Inductor.  (Previous name FSLM2520)

A chip inductor, also known as a surface-mount inductor or SMD (Surface-Mount Device) inductor, is an electronic component used in a wide range of electronic circuits. It is designed to provide inductance, which is a property of passive electronic components that allows them to store energy in the form of a magnetic field when current flows through them.

1. Inductance: The primary function of a chip inductor is to provide a specific value of inductance, typically measured in henrys (H), millihenrys (mH), or microhenrys (µH). This inductance value determines how effectively the component stores energy in its magnetic field.

2. Construction: Chip inductors consist of a coil of wire wound around a core material. The core material can vary and may include ceramic, ferrite, or other magnetic materials. The wire used in the coil can be made of copper or other conductive alloys.


• Wire-wound miniature chip inductor most suitable for surface mount.

• It is recommended for wide general use for signal conditioning in a variety of electronic equipment.

• Low profile 1.7mm Max height. (1.6mm Typ.)

• Wide inductance range from 0.1 to 220µH.

• Superior solderability and high heat-resistance for reflow soldering.

• Excellent environmental and mechanical stability.

• RoHS compliant.


LLM2520 datasheet


LLM2520 PDF Datasheet

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SDT-1204P PDF Datasheet – SMD Power Inductor

Part Number: SDT-1204P


Manufacturer: Micro Electronics

Images:SDT-1204P pdf inductor


SDT-1204P is Power inductor. An SMD (Surface Mount Device) power inductor is an electronic component used to store and release energy in the form of a magnetic field. Power inductors are commonly used in electronic circuits to filter noise, store energy, and regulate current in power supply circuits, voltage converters, and other applications.

1. Inductance Value: The inductance value of an SMD power inductor indicates its ability to store magnetic energy. It’s typically measured in henries (H), millihenries (mH), or microhenries (µH). The inductance value determines how the inductor behaves in a circuit, particularly in terms of its ability to resist changes in current.


1. superior quality for an automated production

2. pick and place compatible



1. Notebook computer

2. PDA

3. Rogic IC Power Supply



SDT-1204P PDF Datasheet

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