OZ9928 Datasheet – Dual CCFL Inverter Controller – O2micro

Part Number : OZ9928

Function : Dual CCFL Inverter Controller

Package : 30 SSOP

Manufacturers : O2Micro International

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OZ9928 datasheet

Description :

OZ9928 is a high performance, cost-effective 2-channel controller designed for large-size Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) or External Electrode Fluorescent Lamp (EEFL) Liquid Crystal Display Television (LCD TV) applications.

The controller provides six drive signals and is capable of driving full-bridge and Class-D topologies. The drive outputs are fixed phase when used for single-side or differential drive applications. Multiple OZ9928s can be synchronized to drive numer ous lamps.

OZ9928 provides total system protection for differential drive and single-side drive applications.

her data sheets within the file : OZ9928S

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OZ9928 pdf


DT8211 Datasheet – LCD Back Light Inverter Drive IC

Part Number : DT8211

Function : LCD Back Light Inverter Drive IC

Package : SOP 18 Pin

Manufacturers : DMB Technology


DT8211 Inverter Drive


The DT8211 is a LCD backlight inverter controller for driving CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp). It drives a half bridge topology symmetrically and provides a near sinusoidal current waveform. It operates at a single-stage topology, constant frequency PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) mode.

This application is an example circuit of 4 lamps inverter using DT8211. The design
contains protection functions such as OLP, OVP, SCP and basic functions such as
ADIM (Analog Dimming) and BDIM (Burst Dimming). This design is intended to show
how to use DT8211, implement basic functions and protection functions, and design
a circuit. This document contains features, schematic, and bill of materials.


DT8211 pinout


1. Fixed Frequency Half Bridge Topology
2. Designed for 4 Lamp Inverter Solution
3. Positive Polarity Analog Dimming (Negative Polarity Possible)
4. Positive Polarity Internal Burst Dimming (Negative Polarity Possible)
5. ADIM & BDIM Polarity Selectable
6. Simultaneous Operation of ADIM and BDIM
7. Open Lamp Protection
8. Open Lamp Voltage Regulation (Over Voltage Protection)
9. Short Circuit Protection (HOT-GND, COLD-GND)



1. 4 Lamp CCFL Backlight Inverter Module
2. Monitor
3. TV
4. Advertisement Board

DT8211 Datasheet