MIP2C2 Datasheet PDF – IPD for Battery Charger – Panasonic

Part Number: MIP2C2

Function: High-Performance IPD for Battery Charger

Package: DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Panasonic Corporation


MIP2C2 datasheet


MIP2C2 is a high-performance IPD designed for 7W battery chargers. It features built-in protection circuits necessary for compact power source charger circuitry. This allows a significant reduction in externally connected parts. MIP2C2 provides PWM control when a normal load is applied and intermittent control with low load. This results in greater efficiency for very low to maximum loads, while also conserving power during standby.


1. Built-in charge protection circuit
2. Built-in overcurrent, overheating, load shorting and overvoltage protection circuits
3. Significantly reduced power consumption with no load : 20mW at 100VAC, 25mW at 240VAC
4. High efficiency with rated load : 75% at 100VAC,72% at 240VAC
5. Reduced number of parts (12 less than conventional Panasonic models)

Absolute Maximum Ratings

1. Drain voltage : VD = 700 V
2. Supply voltage : VCC = 30 V
3. Feedback voltage : VFB = 7 V
4. CL terminal voltage : VCL = 7 V
5. Drain current: ID = 500 V


1. Chargers (for cellular phones, etc. )

Other data sheets are available within the file: MIP2C

MIP2C2 Datasheet PDF Download

MIP2C2 pdf

MIP0254SP Datasheet PDF – IPD / Switch Power IC / DIP 7

Part Number: MIP0254SP

Function: IPD / Silicon MOS Type Integrated Circuit

Package: DIP 7 Pin

Manufacturer: Panasonic Corporation

Image :

MIP0254SP datasheet



1. One-chip high-voltage power MOS FET and CMOS control circuit
2.  Worldwide input (85 VAC to 274 VAC) available
3. Low power consumption at standby (light load)
4. Built-in protection function

Absoulute maximum ratings

1. Vd = 700 V
2. Vb = 7 V
3. Vf = 7 V
4. Id = 300 mA


1. Television, video, etc. Standby power supply (remote power supply)
2. AC adapter
3. Micon-driven power supply



Other data sheets are available within the file: MIP0254

MIP0254SP Datasheet PDF Download

MIP0254SP pdf