KA7552 Datasheet – PWM Controller

This post explains for the semiconductor KA7552.

The Part Number is KA7552. The Package is DIP 8 pin.

The function of this semiconductor is PWN CONTROLLER.

Manufacturers : Samsung


Description :

The KA7552 is switching power control IC for wide operating frequency range. The internal circuits include pulse by pulse current limiting, protection, on/off control by external trigger, low standby current, soft start, and high current totempole output for driving a Power MOS-FET



KA7552 block diagram


1. Wide Operating Frequency Range ( 5Khz ~ 600Khz )
2. Pulse by Pulse over current limiting
3. Over load protection
4. On/Off control by external trigger
5. Internal UVLO
6. Soft Start circuit

KA7552 Datasheet


RK2818 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : RK2818

Function : Rockchip RK2818

Manufacturers : Unspecified

Pinouts :

RK2818 datasheet

Description :

Video• Video Decoding up to 720P
• Support all popular video formats,including H.264, • H.263, MPEG-1,2,3, XVID
Audio• Full Format
Display• MCU/RGB LCD Interface
Memory• 32-bit SDRAM/Mobile SDRAM, DDR2/Mobile DDR
• SPI Nor Flash , Nand Flash
Wireless Audio• Support SDIO/USB WIFI ,BlueTooth
• Support Soft AP , WIFI Direct, Remote control
• Support DLNA ,Miracast Audio ,Streaming Audio / internet Radio

RK2818 Datasheet PDF Download

RK2818 pdf

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