PL9823 PDF – Shift Register Programmable RGB Lamp

This post explains for the RGB Lamp.

The Part Number is PL9823.

The function of this semiconductor is Shift Register Programmable RGB Lamp.

Manufacturer: BaiCheng

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PL9823 pdf datasheet


PL9823 is Shift Register Programmable RGB Lamp.

A shift register programmable RGB lamp refers to a type of lamp that utilizes a shift register and RGB LEDs to create customizable lighting effects.

A shift register is an integrated circuit that can store and shift data in a serial manner. In the context of an RGB lamp, a shift register is used to control the color and intensity of the RGB LEDs. It allows for individual control of each LED within the lamp.

RGB LEDs are light-emitting diodes that can emit red, green, and blue light. By adjusting the intensity of these three primary colors, a wide range of colors can be achieved. The shift register is used to control the brightness levels of each color channel, enabling dynamic color mixing and various lighting effects.

In a programmable RGB lamp, the shift register is typically interfaced with a microcontroller or other control circuitry. This allows for programmability and customization of the lighting effects. The microcontroller can send data to the shift register, specifying the desired colors and patterns for the RGB LEDs.


1. Power Supply : DC 4.5V ~ 6V

2. Integrate RGB LEDs with Control IC at same body

3. Support 256 dimming level for each color

4. Internal frequency up to 800Khz

5. Single wire signal transmission ( clock and Date )

6. To be controlled by external MCU to achieve target image

7. No external component required

PL9823 PDF Datasheet

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MT5300-UG PDF Datasheet – 5.0mm ROUND LED LAMP

Part Number: MT5300-UG

Function: 5.0mm ROUND LED Green LAMP

Lens Color: Water Clear

Manufacturer: Marktech Corporate

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MT5300-UG is true green lamp. This true green lamp is made with InGaN/Sapphire chip and water clear epoxy resin. A green LED lamp refers to a light-emitting diode (LED) lamp that emits green light. LEDs are semiconductor devices that emit light when an electric current passes through them. They are commonly used in various lighting applications due to their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and ability to produce a wide range of colors, including green.

Absolute Maximum Ratings at Ta=25℃

1. Power Dissipation: PD 100 mW

2. Reverse Voltage: VR 5 V

3. D.C. Forward Current: If 25 mA

4. Reverse (Leakage) Current: Ir 50 μA

5. Peak Current(1/10Duty Cycle,0.1ms Pulse Width.): If(Peak) 100 mA

6. Operating Temperature Range: Topr. -40 to +95 ℃

7. Storage Temperature Range: Tstg. -40 to +100 ℃s […]

MT5300-UG datasheet


1. Illumination: Green LEDs can be used for general lighting purposes, such as in residential, commercial, or industrial settings. While they might not be as common for general illumination as white LEDs, they can still provide decorative or accent lighting.

2. Signage: Green LEDs are often used in signs and displays. They are particularly useful when a specific color, like green, is needed to convey a message or indicate a certain status.

3. Traffic Signals: Green LEDs are commonly used in traffic lights to indicate “go” or “proceed” for vehicles and pedestrians.

4. Indicator Lights: Many electronic devices use green LEDs as indicator lights to show that the device is powered on, functioning, or in a certain operational mode.

MT5300-UG PDF Datasheet