BP3125 Datasheet PDF – PSR Constant Current LED Driver

Part Number : BP3125

Function : High Precision PSR Constant Current LED Driver

Package : DIP 8 Pin

Manufacturers : Bright Power Semiconductor

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Description :

The IC is a high precision primary-side feedback and regulation controller for LED lighting, it operates in constant current control mode and is designed to work in inductor current discontinuous conduction mode and extremely suitable for flyback convertor under universal input, the output power of system should be less than 12W.

The Device integrates 600V power MOSFET . Since adopting primary sense and feedback control technology , the secondary sense and feedback circuit is eliminated. The loop compensation components are also removed while maintaining stability overall operating conditions. The low component counts and low BOM cost are realized.

BP3125 datasheet


1. Built-in 600V Power MOSFET
2. Constant current control without secondary sense and feedback circuit.
3. Universal input voltage
4. LED short and open circuit protection
5. VCC under-voltage protection

BP3125 Datasheet PDF Download

BP3125 pdf


MP3389EF Datasheet – 12-Channel, Step-up White LED Driver

Part Number : MP3389EF, 3389EF

Function : 12-String, Step-up White LED Driver

Package : TSSOP28 type

Manufacturers : MPS ( Monolithic Power Systems )


MP3389EF controller

Description :

The MP3389EF is a step-up controller with 12-channel current sources designed for driving the WLED arrays for large size LCD panel backlighting applications. The MP3389 uses current mode, fixed frequency
architecture. The switching frequency is programmable by an external frequency setting resistor. It drives an external MOSFET to boost up the output voltage from a 5V to 28V input supply. The MP3389 regulates the current in each LED string to the programmed value set by an external current setting resistor.


MP3389EF pinout protect


1. High Efficiency and Small Size
2. 5V to 28V Input Voltage Range
3. Balanced Driver for 12 Strings of WLEDs
4. Maximum 60mA for Each String
5. Programmable Switching Frequency
6. PWM or DC Input Burst PWM Dimming
7. Open and Short LED protection


1. Desktop LCD Flat Panel Displays
2. Flat Panel Video Displays
3. LCD TVs and Monitors

Other data sheets within the file : MP3389, MP3389EY ( SOIC 28 )

MP3389EF Datasheet PDF Download

MP3389EF pdf