BL05-1101 PDF Datasheet – Pin-Point LED(AlGaInP)

Part Number : BL05-1101

Function : Pin-Point LED(AlGaInP)


Images :

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BL05-1101 image

Description :

The BL05-1101 is a LED of 650nm wavelength using four elements (AlGaInP). Our original LED processing technology made it possible to increase the electric current density at the emission point. The luminous strength of single light source per unit surface is now more than ten times higher than before.

Features :

1. High brightness

2. The Optical axis match is easy because of red luminance.

3. Optical design is easy because of the point light of ©™ 50 m

Applications :

1. Source of light for optical switch , optical fiber , and scanner

2. Source of light for optical sensor parallel light

3. Source of light for various , precise measurements


Item Reverse voltage Forward current Power dissipation *1 Pulse forward current Operating temp. Storage temp. *2 Soldering temp. (Ta=2°…) 5 Symbol VR F I PD FP I Topr. Tstg. Tsol. Rating 3 20 50 150 30 °≠£´ 85 £≠ 40 °≠£´ 100 260 Unit V mA mW mA 1. pulse width £∫tw ßZ10 sec.period T=1msec. *2. For MAX.5 seconds at the position of 2 mm from the package ELECTRO-OPTICAL CHARACTERISTICS Item Forward voltage Reverse current Radiant intensity Peak emission wavelength Spectral bandwidth 50% Half angle (Ta=2° 5…) Symbol VF R I PO(W) Conditions F=20mA I VR=3V F=20mA I F=20mA I F=20mA I F=20mA I Min. Typ. 2.0 0.2 650 30 °æ 60 Max. 3.0 10 Unit. V A mW nm nm deg. – 1- Pin-Point LED(AlGaInP) BL05-1101 Power dissipation Vs. Ambient temperature Radiant intensity Vs. Forward current Relative radiant intensity Vs. Ambient temperature Relative intensity Vs. Wavelength Forward current Vs. Forward voltage Radiant Pattern Relative radiant intensity Vs. Distance – 2- […]

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BL05-1101 Datasheet

NCP5006SNT1 Datasheet PDF – Backlight LED Boost Driver

Part Number : NCP5006SNT1

Function : (NCP5008 / NCP5009) Backlight LED Boost Driver

Package : TSOP-5 Type

Manufacturers : ON Semiconductor

Image and Pinouts :

NCP5006SNT1 datasheet


Description :

The NCP5006, NCP5006SNT1 is a high efficiency boost converter operating in current loop, based on a PFM mode, to drive White LED. The current mode regulation allows a uniform brightness of the LEDs. The chip has been optimized for small ceramic capacitors, capable to supply up to 1.0 W output power.

Features :

1. 2.7 to 5.5 V Input Voltage Range

2. Voutto 24 V Output Compliance Allows up to 5 LEDs Drive in Series

3. Built−in Overvoltage Protection

4. Inductor Based Converter brings up to 90% Efficiency

5. Constant Output Current Regulation

6. 0.3 A Standby Quiescent Current

7. Includes Dimming Function (PWM)

8. Enable Function Driven Directly from Low Battery Voltage Source

9. Automatic LEDs Current Matching

10. Thermal Shutdown Protection

11. All Pins are Fully ESD Protected

12. Low EMI Radiation

13. Pb−Free Package is Available


NCP5006SNT1 Datasheet PDF Download

NCP5006SNT1 pdf

Other data sheets within the file : NCP5006, NCP5006SNT1G