XP-G2 Datasheet PDF – LED Module

Part Number : XP-G2

Function : LED Module

Manufacturers : Cree, Inc

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XP-G2 datasheet


Description :

The original XLamp® XP-G2 LED pioneered a broad set of LED applications for the industry, including outdoor and area lighting, and has since served as a preferred choice by manufacturers that require advanced output, efficacy and optical control. The compact and proven 3.45‑mm XP platform has an excellent ecosystem of optics and system solutions available, enabling lighting manufacturers to simplify their design process and shorten time to market.


1. Available in white, outdoor white and 80-, 85- and 90-CRI white
2. ANSI-compatible chromaticity bins
3. Binned at 85 °C
4. Maximum drive current: Standard: 1500 mA, HE: 2000 mA
5. Low thermal resistance: Standard: 4 °C/W, HE: 3 °C/W

Other data sheets within the file : XPGBWT-01-0000-00eC2, XPGBWT-01-0000-00FC2,

XPGBWT-01-0000-00GC2, XPGBWT-01-0000-00HC2

XP-G2 Datasheet PDF Download

XP-G2 pdf


MAX6964ATG Datasheet – 17-Output LED Driver/GPO

Part Number : MAX6964ATG

Function : 17-Output LED Driver/GPO with Intensity Control and Hot-Insertion Protection

Package : 24 Thin QFN

Manufacturers : Dalls Semiconductor, Maxim Integrated

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MAX6964ATG datasheet


Description :

The MAX6964 I2C-compatible serial interfaced peripheral provides microprocessors with 17 output ports. Each output is an open-drain current-sinking output rated at 50mA and 7V. The outputs are capable of driving LEDs, or providing logic outputs with external resistive pullup up to 7V.


MAX6964ATG pinout


1. 400kbps, 2-Wire Serial Interface, 5.5V Tolerant
2. 2V to 3.6V Operation
3. Overall 8-Bit PWM LED Intensity Control
(1) Global 16-Step Intensity Control
(2) Plus Individual 16-Step Intensity Controls


1. LCD Backlights
2. LED Status Indication
3. Keypad Backlights
4. RGB LED Drivers

Other data sheets within the file : MAX6964AEG, MAX6964

MAX6964ATG Datasheet PDF Download

MAX6964ATG pdf