3DU5C Datasheet PDF – 880nM, 5mm, Phototransistor, LED

Part Number : 3DU5C

Function : 880nM, 10V, 5mm, Metal NPN Silicon Phototransistor, LED Diode

Body Size : 7mm x 5mm

Manufacturers : ETC

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3DU5C datasheet

Description :

This is a metal encapsulated silicon phototransistor for applications that require light sensing. The phototransistor is useful for building infrared sensors that can detect white or black. The operation of these sensors is based on the emission of IR light by an LED and its mirroring or absorption by white or black surfaces. This is a metal encapsulated silicon phototransistor for applications that require light sensing.


1. Material : Silicon tube
2. Structure : NPN
3. Maximum operating voltage : 10V
4. Reverse Breakdown Voltage : 15V
5. Current with closed transistor : 0.3µA
6. Current with open transistor : 0.5mA – 1mA
7. Power : 30mW
8. Length of wave : 880nm (IR).
9. External Materia l: Metal
10. Weight : 3g


Other data sheets within the file : KA2917

3DU5C Datasheet PDF Download

3DU5C pdf

MCE-3L4N-002 Datasheet PDF – 1310 nm LED Diode

Part Number : MCE-3L4N-002

Function : 1310 nm No glass Cap LED DIODE

Package : TO-46 Type

Manufacturers : Unity Opto Technology

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MCE-3L4N-002 datasheet

Description :

The MCE-3L4N-002 is a high performance InGaAsP surface emitting LED that offers high coupling powers in 1310 nm fiber optic transmission applications. Data rates can vary from DC to 115 MHz depending upon component application. This product is designed for optical fiber communication and other applications. As the drive current varies about the component’s threshold, the optical output increases proportionally.


1. InGaAsP Surface Emitting LED
2. 115 MHz operating bandwidth
3. High speed 1310 nm LED
4. TO-46 packaging with no glass cap


Absolute Maximum Ratings (Tc = 25°C)

1. Reverse Voltage : VR = 2 V
2. Forward Current : IF = 150 mA
3. Operating case temperature : Top = – 40 to +85 °C
4. Storage temperature : Tstg = – 40 to +85 °C


1. Optical data links
2. Optical LANs
4. O-E Interface Conversion

Other data sheets within the file : MCE3L4N002

MCE-3L4N-002 Datasheet PDF Download

MCE-3L4N-002 pdf