88E6218 Datasheet PDF – Link Street Gateway Router

Part Number : 88E6218

Function : Link Street Integrated Gateway Router with Multi-Port QoS Switch

Package : LQFP 216 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Marvell Semiconductor

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88E6218 datasheet


Description :

The Link Street 88E6218 device is an advanced single-chip gateway router integrating a high-performance ARM9E CPU at up to 150 MHz for full-wire-speed routing, providing additional CPU bandwidth for network management and security functions, plus a 6-port Fast Ethernet (FE) switching fabric with Quality of Service (QoS) support, and an additional MII port to extend the gateway/router to another network. The Link Street 88E6218 device also contains all the FE PHY integration and Virtual Cable Tester advantages of the 88E6208 device.

Block Diagram


1. Full-wire-speed 100 Mbps WAN/LAN routing, plus a faster CPU providing bandwidth for software VPN services
2. ARM9E CPU at up to 150 MHz (ARM9E CPU with DSP processor instruction extensions)
3. High-performance cache memory architecture with 8 KB instruction cache, 8 KB data cache, and 8 KB tightly coupled memory
4. QoS enhanced 6-port FE switch including UniMAC™ IP routing acceleration for video-over-the-Internet and audio-over-the-Internet delivery
5. External MII port, which can run up to 200 Mbps full-duplex, providing network expansion capability to an additional multiport switch or wireless LAN

Reference PDF : https://github.com/chrisforbes/ijwrouter/blob/master/doc/88E6218%20Datasheet%20(1%20of%203).PDF

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DS90UB954 Datasheet – Dual 2MP FPD-Link III Deserializer

Part Number : DS90UB954, DS90UB954-Q1

Function : Dual 2MP FPD-Link III Deserializer With CSI-2 Outputs for 2MP/60fps Cameras and RADAR

Package : 48-Pin VQFN type

Manufactures : Texas Instruments




The DS90UB954 is a versatile dual deserializer hub capable of receiving serialized sensor data from one or two independent sources through an FPD-Link III interface. When paired with a DS90UB953-Q1 serializer, the DS90UB954 receives data from imagers, supporting 2MP/60fps and 4MP/30fps cameras as well as satellite RADAR and other sensors such as ToF and LIDAR. Data is received and aggregated into a MIPI CSI-2 compliant output for interconnect to a downstream processor. For sensors with DS90UB933-Q1 and DS90UB913A-Q1 serializers, the DS90UB954-Q1 receives and aggregates data from one or two sensors including Full HD 1080p 2MP 60/fps imager sensors. When configuring the CSI-2 interface for 2-lane operation a duplicate MIPI CSI-2 clock lane is available to provide a replicated output. Replication mode creates two copies of the aggregated video stream for data logging and parallel processing.



1. AEC-Q100 Qualified for Automotive Applications:
(1) Device Temperature Grade 2: –40℃ to +105℃ Ambient Operating Temperature Range
(2) Device HBM ESD Classification Level ±4 kV
(3) Device CDM ESD Classification Level C5

2.Dual Deserializer Hub Aggregates One or Two Active Sensors Over FPD-Link III Interface
3. Power-over-Coax (PoC) compatible Transceiver


1. Automotive ADAS
(1) Rear View Cameras (RVC)
(2) Surround View Systems (SVS)
(3) Camera Monitor Systems (CMS)
(4) Forward Vision Cameras (FC)
(5) Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS)
(6) Satellite RADAR, Time of Flight (ToF) and LIDAR Sensor Modules

2. Security and Surveillance


DS90UB954 Datasheet