GD32F103 Datasheet PDF – ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit MCU

Part Number : GD32F103

Function : ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit MCU

Package : LQFP144, LQFP100, LQFP64, LQFP48, QFN36 Pin Type

Manufactures : GigaDevice Semiconductor ( )


GD32F103 datasheet microcontroller


The GD32F103xx device is a 32-bit general-purpose microcontroller based on the ARM Cortex-M3 RISC core with best ratio in terms of processing power, reduced power consumption and peripheral set. The Cortex™-M3 is a next generation processor core which is tightly coupled with a Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller (NVIC), SysTick timer and advanced debug support.


GD32F103 pinout


The Cortex-M3 processor is the latest generation of ARM processors for embedded systems. It has been developed to provide a low-cost platform that meets the needs of MCU implementation, with a reduced pin count and low-power consumption, while delivering outstanding computational performance and an advanced system response to interrupts.

1. 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 processor core
2. Up to 108 MHz operation frequency
3. Single-cycle multiplication and hardware divider
4. Integrated Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller (NVIC)
5. 24-bit SysTick timer

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GD32F103 Datasheet PDF

GD32F103 pdf

89V52RD2 Datasheet PDF – FlashFlex51, 8-bit Microcontroller

Part Number : 89V52RD2

Function : FlashFlex51 MCU, 8-bit Microcontroller

Package : 40-pin PDIP, 44-lead PLCC, 44-lead TQFP

Manufacturers : Silicon Storage Technology

Pinouts :

89V52RD2 datasheet


Description :

The SST89E5xxRD2 and SST89V5xxRD2 are members of the FlashFlex51 family of 8-bit microcontroller products designed and manufactured with SST’s patented and proprietary SuperFlash CMOS semiconductor process technology. The split-gate cell design and thick-oxide tunneling injector offer significant cost and reliability benefits for SST’s customers. The devices use the 8051 instruction set and are pin-for-pin compatible with standard 8051 microcontroller devices.


1.8-bit 8051-Compatible Microcontroller (MCU)
2. Programmable Watchdog Timer (WDT)
3. Programmable Counter Array (PCA)
4. Four 8-bit I/O Ports (32 I/O Pins) and One 4-bit Port
5. Second DPTR register
6. Low EMI Mode (Inhibit ALE)
7. SPI Serial Interface
8. 1 KByte Internal RAM
9. Dual Block SuperFlash EEPROM


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89V52RD2 Datasheet PDF Download

89V52RD2 pdf