25Q32FV Datasheet – 32M-Bit Serial Flash Memory – Winbond

What is 25Q32FV?

W25Q32FV is a type of serial flash memory chip manufactured by Winbond, a leading supplier of memory solutions. It is widely used in a variety of electronic devices, including computers, printers, routers, and other consumer electronics.

Part Number: 25Q32FV


Package: SOIC-8 208-mil, SOIC-16 300-mil, WSON-8 8×6-mm, TFBGA-24 8×6-mm Type

Manufacturer: Winbond Electronics

Image :

25Q32FV image

( Part Number: W25Q32FVSSIG, Top Side Marking : 25Q32FVSIG )


The W25Q32FV (32M-bit) Serial Flash memory provides a storage solution for systems with limited space, pins and power. The 25Q series offers flexibility and performance well beyond ordinary Serial Flash devices. They are ideal for code shadowing to RAM, executing code directly from Dual/Quad SPI (XIP) and storing voice, text and data. The device operates on a single 2.7V to 3.6V power supply with current consumption as low as 4mA active and 1µA for power-down. All devices are offered in space-saving packages.


1. 32Mb (megabit) flash memory chip, which means it has a capacity of 4MB (megabytes).

2. Serial peripheral interface (SPI) to communicate with the host device, which allows for high-speed data transfer and easy integration with microcontrollers and other digital devices.

Advantages Vs Disadvantages


1. High-speed data transfer: Maximum clock frequency of 104MHz, which allows for fast data transfer between the host device and the flash memory chip.

3. Low power consumption: It is designed to operate with a low power consumption, making it suitable for use in battery-powered devices.

3. Large storage capacity: It has a storage capacity of 32Mb (megabits), which translates to 4MB (megabytes) of data storage.

4. Long data retention time: Data retention time of up to 20 years, which means it can store data for a long time without needing to be refreshed.


1. Limited endurance: The number of times that 25Q32FV can be erased and rewritten is limited, which means it may not be suitable for use in applications that require frequent data updates.

2. Vulnerable to data corruption: It can be vulnerable to data corruption due to power outages or other disruptions during the programming or erasing process.

3. Limited compatibility: Serial peripheral interface (SPI) to communicate with the host device, which may limit its compatibility with some older or less common devices.


25Q32FV datasheet pdf


25Q32FV Datasheet PDF Download

Other data sheets are available within the file: W25Q32FVSSIG, W25Q32FVSTIP, W25Q32FVTCIG

AM28F512A Datasheet PDF – 512 Kbit Flash Memory – AMD

What is AM28F512A?

This is a type of flash memory device produced by AMD (now Spansion). It has a capacity of 512 kilobits (Kb) or 64 kilobytes (KB) and is organized as 64 kilobytes of 8-bit data. Flash memory is a type of non-volatile memory that can retain data even when power is removed.

The AM28F512A flash memory device is designed for use in a variety of electronic systems, including embedded systems, computer peripherals, and automotive applications. It has a fast access time and a low power consumption, making it suitable for use in battery-powered devices.

Function: 512 Kilobit (64 K x 8-Bit) CMOS 12.0 Volt, Bulk Erase Flash Memory

Package: DIP, PLCC, TSOP 32 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices


AM28F512A datasheet



The Am28F512A is a 512 Kbit Flash memory organized as 64 Kbytes of 8 bits each. AMD’s Flash memories offer the most cost-effective and reliable read/write non- volatile random access memory. It is packaged in 32-pin PDIP, PLCC, and TSOP versions. It is designed to be reprogrammed and erased in-system or in standard EPROM programmers. The Am28F512A is erased when shipped from the factory. The standard Am28F512A offers access times as fast as 70 ns, allowing operation of high-speed microprocessors without wait states. To eliminate bus contention, It has separate chip enable (CE#) and output enable (OE#) controls.


1. High performance
(1) 70 ns maximum access time

2. CMOS low power consumption
(1) 30 mA maximum active current
(2) 100 μA maximum standby current
(3) No data retention power consumption

3. Embedded Erase Electrical Bulk Chip-Erase
(1) Two seconds typical chip-erase including pre-programming

4. Embedded Program
(1) 4 μs typical byte-program including time-out
(2) One second typical chip program

5. Command register architecture for microprocessor/microcontroller compatible write interface
6. On-chip address and data latches

Other data sheets are available within the file: AM28F512, AM28F512-120EC, AM28F512-120ECB,

AM28F512-120EE, AM28F512-120EEB, AM28F512-120EI

AM28F512A Datasheet PDF Download

AM28F512A pdf