TDA9370 Datasheet PDF – Microprocessor For TV

Part Number: TDA9370

Function: IF microprocessor video chroma field scanning small-signal processing integrated circuit

Package: DIP 64 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Philips Electronics ( )

Image :

TDA9370 Image


The TDA9370 internal circuit mainly includes: microprocessor (CPU); image IF signal processing circuit; brightness, chrominance processing and demodulation circuit; RGB primary color signal matrix conversion circuit; black level extension, image sharpness enhancement circuit; RGB primary color selection Switch circuit; debug-free line oscillating circuit and line and field excitation pulse forming and output circuit: image state adjustment circuit.

Pinout :

TDA9370 Pinout, datasheet

In the figure, the function code of each pin, the signal output/person flow direction (indicated by the arrow) are marked, and the function, voltage and resistance test data of each pin are further described in the form of a table, and the transistor type and application parameters of the TDA9370 peripheral circuit are given. Replacement model. This is a great help for overhauling the TDA9370 super chip color TV.

TDA9370 Datasheet and Circuit

TDA9370 Datasheet
TDA9370 pdf
Other data sheets are available within the file: TDA9370PS, TDA9370PS/N2


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G65SC02 Datasheet PDF – CMOS 8-bit Microprocessor

Part Number: G65SC02

Function: CMOS 8-bit Microprocessor

Package: DIP 40 Pin Type

Manufacturer: California Micro Devices


G65SC02 datasheet



The CMD G65SC02 8-bit microprocessor family is manufactured using CMD’s state-of-the-art silicon gate CMOS process. The device is pin-to-pin compatible with NMOS versions of the 6500 currently on the market.

The microprocessor is software compatible and provides 65K bytes of memory addressing and two interrupt inputs. It is bus compatible with MC6800 products.


1. CMOS family that is compatible with NMOS 6500 series miroprocessors.

2. 65K-byte addressable memory

3. 8-bit parallel processing

4. Direct memory access capability

Other data sheets are available within the file:

G65SC02ACI-1, G65SC02ACI-2, G65SC02ACI-3, G65SC02-ACI-4


G65SC02 Datasheet PDF Download

G65SC02 pdf