HT4936S Datasheet – Mobile Power Management Chip

HT4936S is Mobile Power Management Chip.

Part Number: HT4936S

Function: N-Channel 22-V (D-S) 175°C MOSFET

Package: SOP 16 type

Manufacturer: HOTCHIP




The HT4936S is a monolithic, mobile power management chip that uses advanced charge-and-discharge port sharing and synchronous rectification with low external components and excellent performance. Form a good 1A-in / 1A-out 4LEDs mobile power.




1. Built-in maximum 1A linear charging mode, charging current adjustable externally;

2. trickle / constant current / constant voltage three-stage charging, 4.20V / 4.35V optional support 0V battery charge;

3. built-in charging can automatically reduce the charging current according to temperature rise, 130 degrees began to decline, the minimum can be reduced to 0;

4.step-up using synchronous rectification circuit, the highest efficiency over 90%, low heat, fixed 5.1V output, do not need external Resistance setting

5. Boost output current 1A (BTP = 3.6V);

6.With constant power output function, a complete over current, short circuit protection, built-in temperature protection automatically stop temperature rise over-temperature;


HT4936S Datasheet

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TP4351B Datasheet – 1A Mobile Power Solution IC – TPOWER

Part Number: TP4351B

Function: Synchronous Single-chip Solution Designed for Mobile Power Supply

Package: SOP 16 Pin

Manufacturer: Shenzhen TPOWER Semiconductor




The TP4351B is a synchronous single-chip solution designed for mobile power supply. It integrates a linear charge management module, a synchronous discharge management module, a power detection and LED indication module and a protection module.

TP4351B built-in charge and discharge power MOS, charge current can be set, the maximum charge current of 1A, synchronous boost 1A output current. TP4351B internal integrated temperature compensation, over-temperature protection, overcharge and over-discharge protection, output over-voltage protection, output overload protection, output short-circuit protection and other security features to ensure that the chip and lithium-ion battery security, application circuit is simple, The charge management and discharge management can be achieved with only a few components.




1. Discharge output: 5V / 1A
2. Charging current: maximum 1A
3. Efficiency: 91% (input 3.7V, output 5V / 1A)
4. BAT Discharge termination voltage: 2.9V
5. Optional 4.2V / 4.35V charging voltage
6. Maximum 25uA standby current
7. Intelligent temperature control and over-temperature protection
8. Integrated output over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, overload protection
9. Integrated over-charge and over-discharge protection
10. Support trickle mode and zero voltage charging
11. Support flashlight function, the maximum output of 100mA


TP4351B Datasheet


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