TA8083F Datasheet PDF – Dual DC Motor Driver – Toshiba

Part Number : TA8083F

Function : Dual DC Motor Driver

Package : HSOP 20 Pin type

Manufacturers : Toshiba

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TA8083F datasheet

Description :

The TA8083P, TA8083F contains two motor driver circuits with a current capacity of 0.5A for directly driving bidirectional DC motors. Inputs DI1 A / B and DI2 A / B are combined to select one of forward, reverse Stop, and brake modes. Since the inputs are TTL-Compatible, this IC can be controlled directly from a CPU or other control system. In addition, the IC also has a low standby current function, a self-diagnostic function, and various protective functions.


1. 0.5A bidirectional DC motor driver.
2. Two circuits contained (power supply, self-diagnostic, and protective functions provide for each channel)
3. Low standby current : 0.1mA (Max.)
4. Self-diagnostic output : short-circuit mode (1A Typ.)
5. Recommended operating supply voltage range  : VCC= 8 V to 16 V
6. Self-diagnostic output : short-circuit mode (1A Typ.)
7. Protective functions : Thermal-Shutdown, Short-Circuit Protection, and Over-voltage Shutdown
8. Built-in counter electromotive force absorption diodes.
9. DIP 16pin plastic package   (TA8083P)
10. HSOP 20pin power flat package  (TA8083F)

Pinout and Block Diagram

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TA8083F Datasheet PDF Download

TA8083F pdf


HA13490FP Datasheet PDF – Voice Coll Motor Driver – Hitachi

Part Number : HA13490FP

Function : Voice coll motor driver

Package : SOP 16 pin type

Manufacturers : Hitachi ( Renesas Electronics )

Pinouts :

HA13490FP datasheet


Description :

HA13490FP/MP are VCM drive IC for HDD and have following fuctions and features.


1. Input buffer amp
2. 1.2A peak BTL output amp
3. Retruct input
4. Chip enable input
5. Independent OP amp
6. OTSD(Over Temperature Shut Down)


1. Wide operating voltage range
2. No cross-over distortion
3. Small external compenents
4. Low saturation voltage
5. 3 types package line up

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HA13490FP Datasheet PDF Download

HA13490FP pdf